Gifts for new mums
09 Jul

My guide to gifts for new mums and dads

Buying the perfect gift for a new baby can be a difficult endeavour. You want to buy something useful, but not something the parents have already bought themselves. You also don’t just want to wander into Baby Gap on your lunch hour and buy the first mini person outfit you see (everybody else does that). Nor do you necessarily just want to buy a gift card (although these can be very useful, too).

Having just been through this myself, I thought I’d compile a list of the things that people gave me or things that I think would make good gifts. But before we get into that, let me first tell you what not to buy: flowers. Yes, they are pretty, but believe it or not, the time it would take to prepare them and put them in a vase is time that new parents don’t have. And when they die, they’ll end up sitting around turning brown and stinking up the kitchen because the new parents don’t have the energy to dispose of them. That should give you an indication of how tiring and all-consuming becoming a new parent can be. Moving on…

Lunch or Dinner – Hands down, then best gift you can give is a meal. If they don’t have time to deal with flowers, they’re definitely not going to have time to cook for themselves. And good nutrition for parents is actually important for a number of reasons: mother has just been through a traumatic bodily experience and needs to heal. Also, her body requires good nutritious food to produce all the breast milk to feed baby (if she is breastfeeding). Whatever you do, don’t turn up empty-handed. Bring anything from snacks to a whole meal and you will have friends that love you for life.

Muffin and cupcake assortmentIf your new parent friend is in the London area, this is a great gift. One of the girls in my NCT class received one of these and it lasted her for ages. Not only can she eat them, but she can also serve them to anyone who pops in to see the baby.

Biscuiteers – The lovely people at Cosmo Bride and You & Your Wedding sent me this great tin of biscuits. I pretty much was addicted to them, right up to the last one. I actually considered ordering myself another tin because I liked them so much.

Nappy cakeThis was a great gift from my friends at Eloise Mama. It looks like a wedding cake, but it’s made of nappies (very useful) and it also had some bath soaps in the centre. It’s definitely a different sort of gift and will make any new mum smile. You can search for the term “nappy cake” on the Internet and loads of suppliers and styles will come up.

Babygrow flowers – Another novel idea, this is a “bouquet” of flowers with organic baby clothing in it, instead of blooms. Again, it’s high on the uniqueness factor.

A box of Trumpette socks – I loved the box of cute Trumpette socks I got, sent from my friends in Scotland. Baby has definitely got the sassiest feet in the Wimble-land! Here is a link to a UK supplier.

Gifts for musical parents – I just think this guitar rattle is cute. Team it up with some music from Rockabye Baby and you’ve got a fun gift.

Cuddly toys – Apparently, cuddly toys are the most popular baby gift. I liked the range on this website, especially this owl, as well as this website. Quirky and fun. Also, I liked this toy, which crinkles when baby plays with it. Babies love the crinkling!

Clothing – My advice when buying clothing as a gift for a new baby is to buy for 3-6 or even 6-12 months, keeping in mind the season in which the clothing will be worn. Newborns grow out of their clothes quite quickly and babies start out all different shapes and sizes, so bigger is better. And buy something the parents would never buy themselves. One of our clients in the studio bought us a wonderful Baby Dior dress for her to wear at 6 months. She’s going to look so cute and super trendy in her little couture.

Family photoshoot – Okay, I have to say it! A photoshoot makes a great gift for new parents. Our baby has already been in our studio twice and I absolutely love the images. Please go to our website on to get a gift box or call on 0207 042 9777.

Of course, there are loads of other things you could buy, but I thought this would be a good starter for ten, as so many people don’t know what to get, especially if they aren’t parents themselves.

Please do leave comments with any gifts that you have received that you particularly liked.



  1. 09 Jul

    Sarah Vivienne

    Julia, thank you so much for posting this today. Perfect timing! A friend had a little girl yesterday and I just came online (via twitter of course!) to find a gift. I am so getting the Mary Jane Trumpette socks. Perfect for a shoe-aholic Mum! She’ll love these.

  2. 09 Jul

    Jenny AKA Mrs O

    A friend bought me some muslin squares for baby and wine and sushi (for when I stopped breast feeding). I honestly think this was the most perfect gift. I go thru muslins like there’s no tmrw, and the wine and sushi goes without saying!

    I got given a lot of denim dungarees…. not great for a newborn who doesn’t like getting a babygrow on let alone figety denim, they were lovely but went unworn.

    You can’t go wrong with cake :o )

    This website does nice gift bits too:

  3. 10 Jul

    Gemma Schipani

    As a new mum I agree with your list! One of the best gifts we got was a comfort blanket that has a bunny teddy attached to it. At first baby needed something to cuddle/nuzzle/rub furiously in his face to get himself to sleep. It has saved my sanity to many times.
    Also got given a toy called Andy Apple which vibrates/rattles/has teething toys etc on – this thing has been invaluable and entertained baby a lot!
    Lastly my friend bought us homemade meals and it was exactly what we needed during that magical/scary first week!

  4. 10 Jul


    Something that I have done for all my friends and their newborns is to create a “On the day you were born” box. This has the newspapers from that day, the single, album & DVD that were number 1 in the chart as well as a few other personal things.
    Saying that I have just ordered a nappy cake for my cousin & his new born twins as I LOVE that idea!

  5. 17 Jul


    Great list. I got so many newborn clothes and to be honest he lived in sleepsuit. We also got summer stuff in a size he wasn’t in till winter…its still got the labels on.

    Best gift, muslins, bubble bath for me and chocolates. My mum also did me a box of useful stuff, lotion, shampoo etc.:-)

  6. 22 Jul


    Loved the insight. I enjoy decorating for weddings and run a blog on wedding souvenirs. I would appreciate you to visit sometime. Thank you

  7. 21 Jan


    Thanks for sharing your list. As new parents I don’t think we had very much time to contemplate food for ourselves. Any spare time we had was used for getting overdue sleep, so I think the idea of lunch or dinner as a gift is brilliant.

    Clothing is also a practical and useful gift for mums and dads as babies need lots of clothing and grow so quickly.

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