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01 Jul

My daughter, the truck driver

Today, I found an article via Twitter about the top 30 careers that our children should consider. Topping the list at number one was “Delivery Service Driver.” Our collective on-line shopping habit is on the rise and somebody has to bring the goodies to us. And, if you’re lucky, it could be your child.

As you would expect, most of the jobs on the list involve technology, medicine or science. But I was glad to see a handful of good ol’ careers on there, too (aside from truck driver): nurses, pharmacists, teachers, construction workers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, organic farmers, chefs and artists. I loved that the reason behind chefs being on the list was that people will be too busy to cook for themselves. Somebody has to feed all those epidemiologists and robotics technicians.

Of course, it’s natural for me to wonder what Baby might do when she grows up. My grandfather basically told my dad he’d be an Electrical Engineer and my uncle would be a Mechanical Engineer. End of story. And like all good little Italian boys, they did what papa said. My dad wanted me to be a biologist or a lawyer (both on the list). So far, I’ve been a copywriter and a photographer. And in my next career, I’m planning to write trashy romantic fiction. He’ll still be proud, I’m sure.

So what will Baby be? Everyone admires her long fingers and wonders if she’ll be a musician. By the same token, I marvel at her already strong neck, as evidenced in Tummy Time, and wonder if she’ll be…what? A circus performer? Gymnast? A break-dancer? Unfortunately, none of these are on the list.

From a young age, my dad told me I could do anything I put my mind to. I’m hoping to give Baby the same encouragement – unless she tries to go to drama school or major in English. Or even worse “American Studies”. (Yes, that is an actual University degree). Heck, maybe she’ll want to take after her mama and be a writing photographer. We already have her first Fisher Price camera ready to rock. But, to be honest, there are a lot of photographers in this world and I’m sort of leaning towards Cybersecurity Specialist. Or at least the person who cooks for the Cybersecurity Specialist.

But seriously, what do I want her to do? The answer is whatever she is best at. The important thing, really, is that she makes enough to support mommy and daddy in our old age.

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