Julia and Santa
25 Dec

Merry Christmas

Just fitting in a quick post between putting Baby down for a post-present snooze and frying the brussel sprouts to say Merry Christmas to my readers and their wonderful families. Apologies for being scarce on the posting front this month. December is one of the busiest times for the studio, as it is in many businesses, and I’ve been busy making plans for next year, as well as generally enjoying myself. There have been Christmas parties aplenty; for our company celebration, we saw the Wimbledon Panto with Dame Edna. Hilarious – the best one I’ve seen since I moved to Blighty almost fourteen years ago.

Thank you for reading this year and I’m looking forward to more posts in 2012. May you have a wonderful holiday and celebrate the coming of the new year in style.

In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with this picture I took of Baby the other day in the studio. I call it “All I Want for Christmas.”

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