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03 Jun

Maternity Shoot 3 with Nikole Ramsay


I know it was only 11 days ago, but being pregnant feels like a distant memory. The pains of late pregnancy have transformed into the discomforts of recovery. I now have a little human depending on me for all her needs; both an empowering and scary thought.

However, I’m so glad that I managed to keep her in long enough to do my third maternity shoot, this time with my good friend, Nikole Ramsay. She has a completely different way of seeing from my other two shoots (here is a link to my shoot with the Yerburys and to parts 1, 2 and 3 of my Vintage Maternity shoot at my studio).

I’ve always admired Nikole’s photography for her natural, clean style. It was particularly nice to be photographed by a good friend, who knows both James and me well. Nikole moved back to her native Australia last year, so it was excellent timing that she just happened to be in the UK before my due date.

For our shoot, we did some images at our house that are just for James and me (sorry!) and then headed into the woods. Here is what Nikole had to say about the shoot:

“Being one of the most photographed photographers I know, the pressure was on to create something big and bold and wonderful for you in these pictures. But the more I thought about it, the more I just wanted to capture you and James and Abdul together, being present, feeling connected and in a natural environment.”

Hope you like them! Next week, I’ll show you the results from Baby’s first photoshoot at our studio.



  1. 03 Jun

    Eliza Claire

    wow, Julia, these are stunning! So different to the studio shoots, and you look so beautiful!

  2. 03 Jun


    I absolutely love those – that’s my favourite shoot of the 3.

  3. 03 Jun

    Sally Reid

    How lovely, what a treat to have experienced three so totally different sessions. These are definately my favourites. Congrats to you both x

  4. 04 Jun

    Adele Haywood

    Beautiful, these are my favourites! :) However I do think you’ve done right keeping some that are JUST for you and James xx

  5. 05 Jun

    Katy Wey

    Totally beautiful!

  6. 17 Jun

    Stefan P

    Love the cat picture, Julia. Lovely photos, as always :-)

  7. 09 Jul


    this is right up my alley, love this style

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