27 Aug

Maternity leave

Today marks the official end of my maternity leave. Let’s be honest. Going back to work sucks, even when it’s your own company. Not because I don’t love my job, but rather because I love staring at my baby more.

That being said, I am looking forward to today’s wedding. It’s with a gorgeous couple with a penchant for superheroes, so it’s right up my fun and quirky alley.

I’ve been easing back into work slowly, doing a few pre-wedding shoots in August to sharpen the ol’ skills. Not that I haven’t been doing work since I gave birth; I’ve still written my articles for Photo Professional and I applied for and was shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Small Business in the Borough of Merton 2011; and, of course, there’s been the blog, which has been great fun to work on and has brought me so many interesting opportunities as well as connected me to mums across the world.

But I bet I look at pictures of Baby on my iPhone at least 500 times today.

The problem with going back to work is that we now have to make some decisions about childcare. Our plan is to try and juggle it between James and me, calling in grandma from Wales when we need extra help. But looking at the schedule over the next couple months, there are times when even SuperGrandma won’t be able to answer our cry for help. This means delving into the world of nurseries, babysitters and nannies.

It really doesn’t help that we recently heard a horror story from one of our neighbours about their nanny, who has just been arrested for physically abusing their one-year-old twins. Her solution to getting them to stop crying was to pick them up by their legs and throw them across the room. The parents had installed CCTV cameras because they thought she was stealing food and were horrified to see that she’d been doing so much worse than that. So, as you can imagine, I’m nervous about starting a search for a nanny.

We’ve got Baby on a couple of waiting lists at nurseries, but in this area, we really should have signed her up when we first started thinking about having babies back in 2007. Or perhaps even when I myself was a baby. Yes, the list is that long in Wimbledon.

One of the points of running our own business is so that we can be flexible with childcare. Fingers crossed that James and I can manage it for a while with minimal help.

In the meantime, James is once again on Daddy Daycare duties while I go out to earn a buck or two. Wish us both luck!


Images above are from my first pre-wedding shoot at the beginning of August with today’s Mr and Mrs. 


  1. 27 Aug

    Rebecca Norris

    Hey Julia :)

    I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone and you’re back to work already. I bet it’s gone even quicker for you!

    Enjoy your first wedding back and the return to baby afterwards will be all the sweeter :)


  2. 27 Aug

    Katie aka @mummydaddyme

    Hey fellow cybermummy expresser (that seems so long ago now doesn’t it?)

    Just wanted to wish you luck on your return to work.


  3. 27 Aug

    Claire Sullivan

    Good luck!! I cried the whole 40 minute journey from my house to the bride’s hotel when I did my first wedding 4mths after having my daughter! I was fine once I got there but couldn’t wait to get home when I left and phoned when I could!
    Hope it went/goes well for you!
    AS for nurseries, childminders….I’m trying to put it off – all I hear are horror stories and it’s hard bloody work juggling a business with a toddler BUT I have a great husband and parents who help out! All the best with that….and I’m sorry to hear about your neighbour – that’s just disgusting, hope she got what she deserved!

  4. 28 Aug


    How was your first wedding after motherhood? Hope it went well

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