Ice cream 7
19 Aug

Leggo my preggo

Today is a sad day. You see, I’ve got a pimple and it’s the first one I’ve had in about a year.

There are many great things about being pregnant, one of which is that I had the most glorious, blemish-free skin. Another is that my hair became thick and luscious. Suddenly, that’s falling out, too.

Other benefits:
- People give you their seat on the tube
- Strangers smile at you as though you’re carrying the second coming
- It’s okay to be a little chunky; in fact, people compliment you on your extra bulk with phrases like “you’re carrying well” and “aren’t you blooming?” (as opposed to now, which is “Well, you did just have a baby.”)
- Minimal guilt when eating copious amounts of ice cream
- Weekly reflexology appointments are not a luxury, but a necessity
- People do stuff for you

Pregnancy also had its fair share of bad bits:

- Constant worry about the birth and welfare of baby
- Unwieldy stomach
- Hard to sleep comfortably
- Inability to shave (I used to just wave the razor in the general direction of my legs and hope)
- Limited diet (no champagne!)

That being said, I can see now why some women say they miss being pregnant. It truly is a magical time. Don’t get me wrong; I love being a mom and Baby is a dream come true. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be really pissed off about this darned pimple.


  1. 19 Aug

    Jennifer Oatham

    I love your pregnant self in these vintage boudoir images. You have such slim arms and legs (i’m well jel as they say in my neck of the woods)

    I found I kept getting phantom kicks about 10 weeks after having William – so weird. I miss those giant baby kicks and watching my belly move. I miss my giant wangers too.

    I don’t miss the restless legs, inability to control my trumps, and the lack of sleep due to such a painful pelvis.

    However I did dream last night I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive…….. and I woke up this morning a little excited!

    Still, no point in taking a test – unless there IS such a thing as immaculate conception :o )

    Jen x

  2. 19 Aug

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Ha ha, you make me laugh! Don’t worry, my arms ain’t so slim anymore!!!


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