02 Aug

Karen’s Pregnancy Shoot


At our studio, we do a lot of pregnancy shoots, which I really enjoy. Having just been through it myself, I can appreciate what a special and beautiful time it is for a woman.

Karen is one of the last shoots that I worked on before I went on maternity leave. Katy and I shot it together, as I was a bit too big myself to be jumping up and down to get the right angles. I met Karen at NCT and we’ve become good friends since then. Her gorgeous little boy will no doubt be one of Baby’s best buddies as they grow up. And dare I say it, I’m really looking forward to the first time Karen, me and the other NCT ladies can go out for a good old fashioned girls’ night out after we’ve all stopped breastfeeding. Something to look forward to, anyway. Right now, Karen and I are both focussed on losing all the baby weight that we put on!

In my opinion, the best time to come in for a pregnancy shoot is between weeks 32-37, even though you may be cutting it fine if you leave it too close to your due date. You can come by yourself or bring your partner; it’s completely up to you. We have fabrics and props in the studio, but if there is anything specific you want in the photos, then please bring it with you.

You can click here to book for your pregnancy shoot or call the studio on 020 7042 9777.

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  1. 03 Aug


    Gorgeous photos and couple x

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