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27 Jun

Just another manic Monday

My goodness, it’s hot outside. Good things about the heat: Baby is zonked out most of the time. Bad things about the heat: trying to find a cool spot in the house isn’t easy.

And on top of dealing with the heat, I have a presentation to write. Yes, in some sort of deluded state a few weeks ago, I agreed to talk at the British Journal of Photography Unveiled event tomorrow night. I’ve got it mostly written, but just need to go into our studio in Wimbledon to sort out my PowerPoint presentation. Which means walking with Baby through this heat. Ugh.

Furthermore, I’ve run out of cotton pads for cleaning up at nappy time. Does Boots deliver?

With all that in mind, my post today isn’t going to be very long. This week, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on Cybermummy 2011, the conference I attended on Saturday for mummy bloggers. I’ll also be sharing our first “vlog” or video blog post– James’ diary of what he got up to while I was away from home. I’ve seen the rough cut and it’s very funny.

So, have a great Monday. Stay cool and drink lots of water.


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  1. 29 Jun

    Sarah Fyffe

    This is a beautiful portrait Julia. Congratulations.

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