28 Apr

It’s Watermelon Day!

I had another post all ready to go this morning, but this news is more important: it’s finally watermelon day!

Every week, Thursday is the day that I look on my What to Expect iPhone app to find out what my vegetable/fruit of the week is, meaning it gives me a food-based comparison for the size of my baby. Thus, the name of this site (and the Dirty Dancing reference, of course).

Well, lo and behold! I looked at the app this morning and it said “Watermelon”.  The baby is now considered full-term and we’re just playing a waiting game until D-Day. The feeling I had this morning was the same one I experienced when I passed the 20 mile marker in the London Marathon – almost at the finish line, but just a few more miles to go.

And it’s also exciting because today is the beginning of my Maternity Leave. It’s not a traditional maternity leave; in my case, it just means I’ll be working from home instead of at the Studio. But it’s still momentous. We are marking the day at work by doing a huge Vintage Boudoir(TM) pin-up shoot with me as the model. What that means is I get to have my hair and make-up done and then I get to dress up in fabulous 1950′s style costumes. It’s going to be excruciatingly good fun and, for all the other preggos out there, yes, you can book in to have it done to you, too. I’m sure my daughter will look at these images in horror one day, but the wicked side of me thinks that’s part of the enjoyment.

Everything is lining up for Abdul’s birthday. We had our final scan the other day to check on my placenta (it’s been riding low throughout the pregnancy). It has now moved up, which means I can have the natural birth that I want instead of a Caesarean. She currently weighs 5lbs and 15oz. Her head is down and loaded. I’m mainlining Raspberry Leaf tea. Now we just need to wait for the watermelon to ripen.


  1. 28 Apr

    Kevin Mullins

    Enjoy your maternity leave Julia. I’ve been watching this blog for some time now. My wife is due to give birth tomorrow, but, as a fellow photographer, I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow. Luckily, it doesn’t look like our new arrival will be on time…… I wish you all the best for your time off and the rest of forever when the baby comes (its a wonderful thing!).


  2. 28 Apr

    Sara Reeve

    Brilliant!!! You are the coolest mummy-to-be, you and your little girl will love those photographs – wish I’d had them done before I had my two. Good luck with everything! xxx

  3. 28 Apr

    Bev Downie

    I got ridiculously excited there as I thought Abdul had arrived! I hardly dare ask if he is the size of a watermelon now, what size will he be when he is born (and please don’t say baby sized!) Are we talking space hopper here????? Still loving the blog and it is still not making me want babies :-) x

  4. 29 Apr


    Can’t wait to see that shoot

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