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09 Apr

I love Babylist!

If you are anything like me, the thought of deciding on a pram and the millions of other things you need when expecting a baby fills you with dread. I am not one of those people who researches products to see which one has a better gigawatt counter or flux capacitor. I just can’t be arsed. And don’t even get me started on bargain hunting in sales.

This is probably why I’ve put off buying a pram until my eighth month. I really didn’t want to go into Mothercare or Mamas & Papas and get sold the buggy on which they were incentivising their staff that week. Have you walked into these stores? So many prams. I feel a little bit like Michael Jackson’s girlfriend in the Thriller video as she watched the zombies dance towards her whenever I go in there.

And for these reasons, I was so happy when a friend recommended Babylist to us. Babylist is a company run by a lovely couple named Anita and Joey. They know everything there is to know about prepping for a baby. They know what you need and, more importantly, what you really don’t need.

James and I made an appointment for our consultation in their intimate showroom near Wandsworth Bridge, not quite sure what to expect.

Having interviewed every dad who came into our studio, James was convinced he would be walking away with a Bugaboo Chameleon. Wimbledon is Bugaboo central. Everyone seems to have one. And for those who don’t know, a Bugaboo with accessories will cost you in the region of £1000. Anita listened to what we wanted in a pram, like being able to fold easily, to last for a couple years and to handle walks in muddy Wimbledon Common. Also, we needed something small to fit into our London-sized house. Anita showed us the Bugaboo. But she also showed us a Mountain Buggy pram. James and I put a very ugly fake baby in the prams and wheeled them around the showroom to see how we liked the handling, etc. Guess what? We went for the Mountain Buggy. And it’s about £600 less expensive than the Bugaboo.

Needless to say, I was so impressed with Anita and Babylist after this. If you went into a high-street shop, what are the chances that the sales staff on commission would downsell you to the product you actually needed? Not many in my experience.

I expected to walk away from Babylist with the big items we needed, like the pram and nursery furniture. I didn’t expect Anita to take three hours of her valuable time to help make sure we had everything – and I mean everything – we needed (I even got the charming mesh panties and chunky pads I keep reading about in baby books for after the birth). I feel more prepared for taking care of our little Abdul now. I splurged a little on my new rocking chair, but I’m going to be spending a lot of time in it, so what the heck. And it comes in red. Perfect.

It’s not possible for me to recommend Babylist enough. The ideal time to go is around 6 months pregnant. Again, I’ve left it late, but better late than never. There is a £95 consultation fee and the expert advice is worth at least that.

I’m so excited to take delivery of my Babylist hoard. It’s like when we got married all over again, but with nipple guards instead of cutlery.



  1. 09 Apr

    Karen Casey

    Hi Julia.
    I am from Wimbledon Village but we moved to NYC (Upper West Side) last October. We have a 1 year old boy. Have to say that the Mountain Buggy was the best thing we bought, it handles the mud on Wimbledon Common really well and you can go running with it too. You’ve made a great decision. Best of luck with your new baby. I love your work and enjoyed stumbling upon your blog a few weeks ago. P.S. totally agree with your thoughts on BBC radio, it has kept me sane listening online whilst in NYC. Karen
    (Website will be up and running later this year.)

  2. 09 Apr

    Robert Brook

    Hi Julia
    Love the new site and congratulation on your expectant new arrival. Having had 4 children I’d suggest people think long and hard about whether they need a pram at all especially in the first 3 months. If you don’t go out walking much I’d suggest holding off buying one until the child is starting to sit up. If you do walk a lot buy a sling instead it’s more practical especially in town or cities. In the first few months my children were transported mainly in the car seat between friends and going shopping.
    Once a child is sitting up then buy a pram minus all the extra gadgets that you’ll not need. You’ll save a small fortune. Instead spend the savings on some photography which will last a life time instead ;-)

  3. 12 Apr

    Catherine Soley

    When pregnant with Verity I just wanted the best, the nicest looking without being too cute and went for neutral colours as I had no idea whether I was expecting a boy or a girl. The decision process was not an easy one and certainly became rather expensive.
    With hindsight, most of the information thrown at you and products available whichever way you turn when newly or heavily pregnant with your first child are mainly irrelevant. Sadly my purse and I were not aware of this back then.
    What you need are a couple of nursing bras (at least 2 cup sizes bigger than your bra size at 38 weeks), 7 baby vests, 7 baby grows, a mountain of nappies, wipes, a huge tub of sudocream, a moses basket with a plentiful supply of sheets, 2 blankets, one car seat which slots into your newly purchased multi purpose pram/buggy, muslim squares and a huge supply of treats in the fridge and overspilling in your cupboards. You should also have a cot which will double up as a cot bed later and a changing mat. That is it plus a mountain of energy, but mother nature is pretty good on that score. But remember mostly cooking your little one is by far the easiest bit, childbirth being the second. Good Luck with the rest! Life will never be the same again :-)

  4. 09 Jun


    Hi Julia,

    Thanks for the post! I just wanted to share my experience with Babylist. Unfortunately, I was not that impressed. I had to call them numerous time to make an appointment. We arrived on time, but Anita was late, and had to leave before we were done. I have tried to contact them now to place my super expensive order (yes, they are super expensive), but no one ever calls me back. Also we ended up with a Bugaboo. I have to say that I am very close to give up with them and go to John Lewis as all my friends were happy with JL and didn’t spend as much as I’ll have to if I continue with Babylist.
    I hope it helps other customers to make a choice.
    Good luck ladies with your pregnancies!

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