10 Nov

I love Autumn

Autumn is definitely one of the best times in the year to take photographs. I took these images of Baby a couple weeks ago, when we had all the lovely warm weather. We were just having fun in the park. We played a game where she kept trying to eat the leaves and I kept taking the leaves out of her mouth, explaining that dogs may have weed on them. She didn’t seem to care.

Anyway, happy autumn, everyone!


  1. 10 Nov

    Katy Lunsford

    SO cute! We’ve played that game too. Love the hat in the last shot – where’s it from? ;) xxx

  2. 10 Nov

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    It’s from Next, along with the turtle neck jumper. I buy way too much stuff with the excuse that it will look good in a photo shoot. ;o) Jx

  3. 10 Nov

    Phyllis K. lee

    All the photos are Fab., but the photo with baby and hat is priceless!

  4. 10 Nov

    Phyllis K. lee

    i had to look again, at that photo. rare beauty~

  5. 10 Nov

    Rosie Parsons

    She looks so cute and well behaved!

  6. 10 Nov

    Michelloui | The American Resident

    What a lucky girl to have this growing up! (And soooo precious!) One of my (step) daughters’ boyfriend’s dad is a photographer and I swear every time we pull out the camera he is ready–there’s no bad shots of him in our family photos. And he’s not vain or anything, just very camera-aware.

  7. 11 Nov


    not a fan of Autumn but your post made me smile! lovely photo btw

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