Thanksgiving din
26 Nov

How to get rid of dinner guests

1. Ask for volunteers to clean the dishes.
2. Book them all taxis.
3. Start removing the wine charms from their glasses while they are still drinking from them.
4. When you go up to check on the baby, leave the receiver on the dinner table with the volume turned up and whisper, “Don’t worry. They’re going soon,” into the monitor.
5. Tell them you’ve run out of booze.
6. Go get into your pajamas and come back to the table.
7. Start a row.
8. Show home videos.
9. Ask if they’d mind if you pumped breast milk at the table.
10. Tell them you’re writing a blog post on how to get rid of guests.


  1. 27 Nov

    Kim Layzell

    Brilliant…… A friend of ours just used to go to bed (his wife didn’t!!)

  2. 27 Nov


    Tip number 11: throw terrible parties!Your parties always rock, which is why no one can tear themselves away! xxxx

  3. 28 Nov

    Hilary Binns

    Love it – I can see no 6 working for me!

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