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16 Aug

How to date your husband

As a new parent, there are many milestones that we look out for, like Baby’s first smile, when she first rolls over, crawling, and walking. But how many of our own milestones do we take note of?

James and I achieved a parenting milestone this weekend: we went out on a date, all by ourselves. We left Baby with her grandparents and it was the first time we were both apart from her simultaneously.

On the advice of friends, I had booked tickets before I gave birth to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing, thus setting a date in stone that we would be sans Baby. This play actually holds sentimental value for us as well, as James was playing Don Pedro when I first met him (a la Mr Darcy, complete with skin tight jodhpurs). The separation anxiety kicked in by the time we reached the Tube from our house. I spent the whole journey to Leicester Square looking through all the images of her on my iPhone, exclaiming, “Remember when…!” and “Isn’t she cute?”

By the end of the excellent first act, I only checked my messages a couple times. By the end of the second, I sent a text asking if she was okay. By the time we were sitting at the bar in Bocca di Lupo drinking a luscious bottle of red, I was like, “Baby who?”

It was liberating to spend time just the two of us again. Although we still talked about topics like childrearing and work, we also managed to squeeze in some current events, holiday plans, and discussions about how Torchwood is still disappointing.

Packing as much in as we possibly could into our day of freedom, we then went to a lesbian wedding reception in Ealing. We got there just in time for the first dance. As we watched the couple twirl around the floor, I was suddenly reminded of Baby’s existence by the fact that my breasts felt like ticking time bombs. If I didn’t get those puppies home and pumped they were going to explode.

So we hailed a taxi for my breasts because they couldn’t possibly take the Tube and got them home just in time. Six ounces! I added them to my Frozen Hoard, which had been depleted significantly by grandma and grandpa during the day. Must keep the supplies up.

I snuck into the nursery to check on Baby because I missed my little Munchkin. Grandma and grandpa reported that she behaved very well. I was a little concerned when they told me they accidentally bathed her with her socks on, but, if that’s all that went wrong, I can live with it.

James and I can put a big tick next to our milestone of first date. Now James is really looking forward to the next milestone, if you catch my drift. But I’m a good girl. I won’t put out until at least the third date.


  1. 16 Aug


    It’s so important to be a xouple to and not just mummy and daddy, well done for achieving it and leaving baby. It gets easier next time.
    We’ve had 1date in 9 months, I think we are well over due another

  2. 16 Aug

    crankymonkeys in london

    We do a date night every month and my husband’s very happy that we’re WAY past the 3rd date by now :)

  3. 16 Aug

    Alicia Camlibel Carey

    Regularly scheduled date nights and if possible weekends away, even if just once a year are so important. Parents are the core of the family and the strength of the unit is dependent upon them, taking time to reconnect and have fun as a couple is essential. Even date nights at home when baby is sleeping are good too. We have been married 10 years and now have 3 kids ages 6,4, and 1. we have tried our best to have a regular date night since our oldest was born. Good for you!

  4. 22 Aug

    Nicola Wardle

    Good on you for booking some just u2 time in. Me and Mr Wardle must get round to that, but I’m less organised than you and haven’t managed to find time to stockpile enough milk for Baby Wardle. I did get 2oz from the mummy milking machine in the first few weeks and that is proudly sitting in our freezer! Maybe I’ll start tomorrow, a date with my husband sounds like a mighty fine reward.

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