08 Jul

Her first smile

A smile is worth a thousand words. I don’t think I ever really understood that phrase until Monday.

As I cleaned yet more poo out of Baby’s many crevices, I looked at her face and she lit up with a beaming grin. Not an “I’ve got gas” smile, but a “this one’s for you, mommy” smile. And I melted.

From about 5 weeks, Baby started getting much more interesting. She started crying a lot less, cooing a lot more, focussing, and enjoying time on her play mat. We’d also see fleeting curves of her mouth in a smile-ish. But nothing like what she gave me at 6 weeks.

We had been told that everything gets better from six weeks and now I know why. To the day, Baby timed her milestone perfectly.

It almost makes up for the fact that I now wee a little bit when I sneeze.


  1. 08 Jul

    Michelle Fox-Reynolds

    lol very cool.hope you are doing well their first smile is so rewarding you finally get something back it’s a nice feeling x

  2. 08 Jul


    I just nearly wee’ed a little bit at your last sentence. Hehehe! The joys of motherhood.

    I hope you guys, as photographers, manage to capture a picture of Baby’s smile quicker than I did. I spent two weeks nearly, glued to my camera. But everytime I pressed the button he stopped!


  3. 08 Jul


    And it just gets better and better!!! I’d say four months is the next milestone when they are so loving and laugh! You will be crazy in love!! Xxx

  4. 08 Jul


    And what a beautiful smile she has! : )

  5. 08 Jul

    Kaz Fernando

    I DID wee a little at your comment, very funny! Take care when trampoling too ;) X

  6. 08 Jul


    Brilliant sign off!

  7. 08 Jul

    Mama Says

    LOL now you just need to hope somebody has told her she’s scheduled to sleep through the night in another six weeks. Then it’ll be you who’s smiling.

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