31 Oct

Happy Halloween

Every time I post a new photo of Baby on Facebook, my father reminds me that she is not a toy. I beg to differ. She is the best toy in the whole world.

James and I had loads of fun putting this photo together. The idea started when Baby’s grandmother bought her a skeleton babygrow from Mamas & Papas. After that, we just needed to raid the house to find the other elements: a marble cheese board makes an excellent tombstone, muslins are suitable ghosts with chocolate eyes, and my black cotton underwear steal the show as the bats.

I’ve wanted to do something like this for years, ever since my friend sent me a link to Jan Von Holleben’s amazing series Dreams of Flying. I imagine that is where Adele Enerson got her inspiration for the fantastic daydream series she created around her daughter, Mila. I might make a few more of these over the next couple months before Baby gets too big, just for fun. And because she is my favourite toy.


  1. 31 Oct

    Jeanette Lendon

    Love the underwear bats!!!!!! Genius!!

  2. 31 Oct

    Kevin Hayden

    Congratulation Julia & James,
    I agree our kids are the best toys in the world. My three year old has been my joy and a wonderful model too!
    As always great artistic work!

  3. 31 Oct


    Loved it! Baby looks Gorgeous as always and looks like she’s having fun!

  4. 31 Oct

    Nicola Wardle

    Oh so cute! My little one also has a similar suit! Our girls are so rock n roll! x

  5. 31 Oct

    Hannah Webster

    Cute. Tee hee. And that comment about her being the best toy in the world made me feel super smiley. So true, in the best possible way. x

  6. 01 Nov

    Jean Boggio

    Looks like she likes being a toy!

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