Back of child's head after first haircut
05 Jun

Baby’s First Haircut

Not too long ago, we headed out to Clapham to Happy Faces Salon for Baby’s first haircut. The owner of the salon and I had been chatting on Twitter and she invited me along to see what it was all about.

Now, I was a bit dubious about going to a professional hairdresser for a baby. After all, there is not much to cut. How much styling could a baby need? However, something needed to be done. Her hair was hanging over her eyes and she was starting to look like a shaggy dog.

Baby at Happy Faces Salon in Clapham getting first haircut

I think the thing that swayed me was fear of going anywhere near her with a pair of scissors. Baby is both a mover and a shaker; cutting her hair would be like trying to style the Tasmanian devil from Bugs Bunny. I had visions of poked out eyes (mine) and jagged hair (hers) with Dexter-style blood spatters all over the wall. (“From the angle of the spatter, I can tell that the mother was completely incompetent with a pair of scissors,” Dexter would say). Much better for somebody else to do it, somebody I could sue if it all went horribly wrong. Ha ha.

So we descended en famille on the salon. We have this thing that we really like to experience all of Baby’s firsts as a family when possible. James hadn’t been over excited about the haircut, but later revised his opinion and was very excited about it. It must have been the zebra TV.

Close up of hair on baby's shoulder

The salon had a great, child-friendly atmosphere. The chairs are airplanes and fire trucks, designed to entice little bums to stay still in them.  We had a little trouble getting baby into one, but when we whipped out the blueberry muffin we had brought as a bribe from the shop on the corner, she settled into the plane like a good little pilot. However, the muffin alone would not keep her still for the duration of the haircut. That’s where the Zebra TV came into play. Yes, it would take junk food and Peppa Pig episodes back-to-back to get this little devil to sit still.

As needs must.

Thankfully, the hair cut manoeuvre was performed successfully and without blood spatter. As Baby finished her muffin, the hairdresser put the final touches on her new do. Of course, it looked quite short compared to what it was, but it’s grown in really nicely since then and we can see the haircut helped give her wild wisps a bit of shape.

Toddler getting haircut at Happy Faces Salon

The best part was that we were presented with a nice plaque with a lock of Baby’s hair and the date of her first haircut, as well as a before and after picture. Awww!

Due to our great experience, we will be relying on the professionals in the future when her locks need taming.


Happy Faces Salon has two locations in Fulham and Clapham. The First Haircut package costs £29.95 and includes certificate, photo, frame & lock of hair in a cute Happy Faces gift bag. They also offer birthday parties and have a nail bar for little ladies.

Back of toddlers head after first haircut


Happy baby after first haircut


  1. 05 Jun


    Do you remember the awful woman who cut my hair? I swear that’s why I’m scared of haircuts: she used to threaten to cut my ear off. I’m so happy Baby enjoyed it! There once was a girl with a curl, right in the middle of her forehead!

  2. 09 Jun

    Helen - SaveEveryStep (family stories from past and present)h

    Wow, what a fantastic salon!! Beautiful pictures, as ever

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