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23 May

Happy birthday, Baby!

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been two years of motherhood – two years of raising our beautiful Baby.

For her second birthday, we thought it would be fun to do a little shoot with Baby recreating the Lift from Dirty Dancing with her daddy. Miraculously, James still has the same shirt he wore at our wedding and, even more miraculously, he still fits into it. For Baby we asked our friend and amazing dressmaker, Georgina, to recreate a wee version of the dress worn by Jennifer Grey in the film.

The first hurdle with this shoot was getting Baby into that dress. She HATES dresses with a passion. We basically had to manhandle her into it and then cuddle her and distract her until she forgot she was wearing it. Then, in order to get the shot, I had to bounce her up and down to get her smiling and then pass her to James like a hot potato for the Lift. We only shot about 25 frames and thankfully one of them was the shot above, which I love. Below is a selection of the rejects.

Thinking about the film Dirty Dancing, which has had such a strange and wonderful impact on our lives, I can’t help but mull over the character of Baby and how I hope that our Baby turns out to share some of her traits.

Things I want the Babys to share: intelligence, dance ability, confidence, good relationship with dad, standing up for herself, ticklish armpits

Things I don’t want the Babys to share: I’d prefer it if she didn’t fall in love with any dance instructors while on family holidays (although I’d still love her, of course).

I also wonder what her response will be one day when we explain our whole connection with the film and what happened because of our wedding dance. I imagine it will be something like, “You guys are so embarrassing” followed by “Who is Oprah?”

Happy birthday, Baby, from your totally crazy and embarrassing parents! We are looking forward to having the time of our life with you, over and over again.

OUttakes of doing life from Dirty Dancing with Baby


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  2. 27 Aug

    lucy at dear beautiful

    Ahhh, what a lovely idea for a birthday photo shoot. I love how you guys have kind of carried the Dirty Dancing theme through from your wedding into Baby’s life.
    I thought it was funny how your Baby doesn’t like dresses. Sounds a bit like Baby from the film already, who was just painfully uncomfortable having to wear a fancy dance frock. x

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