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20 Jul

First aid for babies

I was born with a healthy dose of imagination. When I was little, I had a host of fantastical friends; I spent a good amount of time having Indiana Jones-style adventures in the woods behind my house; and I came up with all sorts of creative plot lines for my Barbie and Ken dolls to act out that would make the cast of Dynasty blush.

However, having a child has sent my imagination into overdrive. I have worried about every possible way that she could be injured. For this reason, I was really keen to take a baby first aid course, so last Friday night, our NCT friends and we clubbed together to hire a company to give us a private 3-hour lesson.

The last time I learned first aid was some time in the Nineties and the only thing I remember is asking Annie if she’s okay. Now that I’m in charge of a tiny human, I thought it important to refresh my defunct skills.

The instructor was not only incredibly qualified and knowledgeable, but he also displayed an almost superhuman ability for remembering all of our names. And he was really hot.

He took us through CPR, what to do if she’s choking, symptoms to look for with certain illnesses, and what to do if Baby falls off her changing table. He also told us how we should respond if our child’s fingers get chopped off when folding up the pram. Strangely, I hadn’t imagined that one, but now I am.

One thing he suggested that we all do is watch videos on You Tube of babies having febrile convulsions because 1 in 20 babies have one at some point. It’s good to know what to expect, as it can be quite frightening. Please only click on this link if you’d like to see one of the videos I found.

Another thing the instructor suggested was that we actually look inside our first aid kits at home (assuming we had them). People tend to buy kits and then put them somewhere in the house, without knowing what’s inside them. And as years go buy, there are items in there that go out of date, including gauze. Shamed into submission on this point, James and I bought new kits and a little one for my nappy changing bag.

I highly recommend that all new parents take a first aid course. The final cost was £60 per couple and it was well worth it. And if you want to request the hot instructor, his name was Piers. (Sorry, James!)

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