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15 Apr

Feel good Friday

Welcome to my first feel good Friday! This day is has been created with the aim of increasing levels of Oxytocin, the hormone of love and also the hormone we preggos need to get the birth process on the way. As I get closer to D-Day, I am all about the love, baby, so here are a few things that have made me smile lately.

Cat playing with dolphin video – If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s a must for putting a smile on your face. There’s a cat, there’s a dolphin…what more could you want?

Comments on my Water Babies post – I wrote a post last week about the 80′s video that inspired me to want a water birth. There have been some wonderful comments from women sharing their water birthing experiences. Well worth a read if you are thinking about it.

A bit of bling – Last night I went to a party hosted by the fab Rock N Roll Bride. Bling was definitely on the menu, so I wore a piece that James bought me from the exquisite Magpie Vintage. They take antique jewellery and make it into something new and different. If you feel like your pregnancy needs a bit of glamour, check out their site. Won’t cost your husband as much as an eternity ring ;o)

Macarons ooh la la – Lately, Adbul has been craving the sweet stuff (it’s not me! Honest, guv!). We recently discovered macarons and they definitely hit the spot. My favourite so far has been from Pierre Hermes with his interesting flavour combos. White truffle and hazelnut – yes, please! James has become so taken with macarons that he bought a cookbook. After reading a few recipes, he realised that buying them would be a lot easier than making them. Bless. If you are looking to fill the hours of waiting when you go on maternity leave, make macarons; the time will fly by.

And finally, the thing that has really made me feel good these past couple weeks is YOU. Thank you for reading my new baby blog. The comments have been fantastic and it really makes my heart sing that you’re enjoying it. And if you make me happy, it makes Abdul happy.

That’s it for today, but I hope it starts stimulating some oxytocin in your bloodstream.

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  1. 15 Apr

    Claire Burns

    Hi Julia

    I was 2 weeks overdue with my 2nd baby and they were threatening with induction, so, I had some reflexology done on the Thursday, specifically to stimulate labour, and voilà, my labour started the next morning – might be worth a try. Good luck and enjoy the whole experience :0)

    Claire x

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