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20 May

Feel good Friday & update

Well, it’s been an eventful week. I’m off to the hospital today for a check up. And also, while we are there, James is hanging the first instalment of our photographic work on the walls. When Kingston Hospital realised I was having my baby there, they asked us to get involved with their redecoration project. I’m really excited to be giving something back to the place that is helping me bring Abdul into the world. 

Speaking of which, we three are on a mission. I’m drinking pineapple juice for its prostaglandin goodness. We had Jamie Oliver’s chilli for dinner last night to inject a bit of spice. And yes, we had sex, too, as the prostaglandin in sperm is meant to soften the cervix (Sorry, all parents of ours who are reading this). I’d like to tell you it was a passionate affair, but, to be honest, we both ended up in pain at the end of the experience. The only one who seemed to enjoy it was Abdul, as she bounced her head against my cervix for about three hours afterwards before settling down.

So now, it’s back to Feel Good Friday, the point of which is to raise oxytocin levels, the hormone needed for birth.

But I want to do it differently this week. This time, I WANT YOU to make ME feel good. Tell me a funny story, a joke, anything to make me laugh or smile. Post a link to a funny video, article, anything. At the end of the day, I’ll let you know what my favourite post was. Please get involved! Abdul and I need you! 


  1. 20 May

    Samantha Jones

    Hi Julia, this video from You Tube (a puppy walking in new shoes) has me in stitches each time …

    Hope it works for you!

    With all best wishes …

  2. 20 May


    Ohh all sounds like you’re on the way very nicely Julia – I’ll be thinking of you! Here’s a joke I liked and hope you do too:

    A couple go to their first pre-natal class. The husband is told to wear a bag of sand so he has an idea of what it feels like to be pregnant. The husband stands up saying, ‘This doesn’t feel so bad.’ The instructor then drops a pen and asks the husband to pick it up. ‘You want me to pick up the pen as if I were pregnant, the way my wife would do it?’ asks the husband. ‘Exactly,’ replies the instructor. The husband turns to his wife and says, ‘Honey, pick up that pen for me.’

  3. 20 May

    alice wood

    Julia, your story reminded me of the night before I went in to hospital to have Emily. We went for a curry in Wimbledon Village. I remember quite a hot one plus a large G&T (in the old days gin was said to be a ‘mover’!) and I told everyone there I was going to have a baby the next morning. Robin then drove a slightly tipsy me to the maternity ward at the old West London Hospital, in our old Morris Traveller. The suspension was never very good in that car, so coupled with his route over every bump and sharp curve he could find, I arrived now feeling nauseous as well as slightly, well drunk! We were greeted by a tough old ward matron, who gave Robin a big ticking off for bringing in ‘mum’ drunk and late. It was now a very unseemly 9.00pm. The next morning, i still had to be induced and that afternoon our Emily arrived. Don’t know if that last wild ride had an effect on her, but as you know, my now 31 year old Emily loves a curry, can party till dawn and has a passion for old bangers. So ‘think before you push’!

  4. 20 May


    My ex is a midwife and I used to work in an antenatal lab, so I’ve heard a fair few theories on this.
    Curry (better than chilli con carne, some of the other spices have an effect as well), licorice, clarey sage, pineapple, kiwi fruit, sex and a drive along a bumpy road seem to be the most popular.
    The downside is that most things that will help induce labour will push your blood pressure up as well.

  5. 20 May


    If it were me I’d go for a spot of Some Like it Hot or maybe gentlemen prefer blondes. Depending on time I might follow up with some Fred and Ginger but either way, there’s music, dancing, fabulous costumes, giggles, romance and a few hours happily and easily passed on the sofa with your feet up. Would that be appealing?

  6. 20 May


    Guaranteed to make you smile every time. I can’t wait until little Abdul is doing this.

  7. 20 May


    Julia, I just wanted to say a big congrats to you and James on this latest endeavour! I have been watching and enjoying all your many successes from afar.

    I hope the next 5 (?) days go smoothly but be warned I was late, late and late again with all 3 of mine.

    As for things to make you smile. Pop to my fb profile and take your pick…

    The Tim Minchin Lullaby is perhaps best saved for when you and Abdul have been acquainted about 6 weeks. Or maybe after child 3. The empathy you have for it is probably inversely proportionate to the amount of sleep you’re getting.

    Romily’s quote of today made me smile.

    And I’m still laughing from the MJ birthday party Johnny threw for me at the weekend.

    But all there’s left to say is very best of luck. Will be very excited to hear your news.
    And guess you’ll be tied up and won’t have time for a littlies’ shoot when I’m back in the summer? ; )

  8. 20 May


  9. 20 May

    Jeanette Lendon

    Hi Julia. Thinking of you all. Not long to go now. I thought I’d tell you about Callum, my delightful, gorgeous and huge baby (all 10lb 7oz of him). Anyway, after a bit of a rough birth (won’t go into the details), Callum ended up in the Special Care unit for the night to be monitored. I was duly wheeled down to see him and to say good night. In the morning I went down to see Callum in his little incubator unit (of which he virtually filled it) and stood cooing over this gorgeous bundle of love. One of the midwives came over and I said ‘Oh, isn’t he lovely’. To which she replied ‘yes, she is. Your baby is over here’. How I could have mistaken a small, premature baby for my rugby player I have no idea, but I have never been allowed to forget it!! That, coupled with the fact that I actually left Callum on my mum and dad’s doorstep and stepped over him to get inside, realising 10 minutes later that I didn’t have him, it’s no wonder we’ve stopped at two!! I can hear Social Services on their way as we speak!!
    All the best my lovely. Can’t wait to hear the news.

  10. 21 May

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Ha ha! The winner is definitely the joke about the pregnant lady bending down to pick up stuff, although I did love the laughing baby, dog in shoes and the mistaken rugby baby. Actually, I loved them all. Thank you everyone for sending them in! Jx

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