13 May

Feel Good Friday

Happy Friday! I’m feeling especially good today because I made it through a live taping of The Graham Norton Show last night without giving birth, which means I got to sit about 20 feet away from a goo-covered Lady Gaga performing a couple of her new songs. Little Abdul was definitely bopping along to Judas and Born This Way. The other guests were Gwyneth Paltrow, who was promoting her new cookbook – which I have to say actually looks quite good – and Geoffrey Rush, who has another Pirates film coming out (this also looks good. Well, better than the last two anyway). There was also a comedian I’d never heard of before named Jason Byrne. He seemed quite funny. And Irish.

So here is some good craic for your Feel Good Friday. Enjoy!

New Okay Go music video – You may remember these guys as the ones who made dancing on running machines cool. Well, they’ve got another video out and it’s awesome. I love the sheer amount of effort they put into everything they do. Proof that hard work and imagination pay off.

Stripes – A strange thing to make me happy this week, but stripes have indeed put a big smile on my face. Project: Nest has been in full swing and, today, all the painters, decorators and carpet layers are finally gone. One of final things we needed done was the laying of our hallway carpets. We went for a striped number by Crucial Trading and it looks amazing (Mississippi in Burgandy/Blue). I’m so excited that I just want to spend the day sitting on the landing and staring at its stripey goodness.

Letters and comments from readers – One of the best parts of starting this blog has been the sheer number of wonderful letters I’ve been receiving from people who are reading it, sharing their stories. So I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! The blog has only been going about a month now, but I can see that you’re enjoying it and that means a lot to me. As Elle Woods would say in Legally Blonde, snaps to all the ICAW readers!

And finally, in honour of the new Pirates films, watch this hilarious music video that proves Michael Bolton has a great sense of humour. Who knew?


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  1. 15 May


    Oooh love the striped carpet – it’s on our to-do list for the stairs in our house :) Good choice!


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