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06 May

Feel Good Friday

There’s a lot of talk on Twitter from people wishing it were last Friday again. But I have to say, I’m pretty glad it’s this Friday. One week closer to D-Day and getting to use the super cute newborn nappies that are piled up in my bedroom (I know. I know. I won’t think they are so cute faster than you can say “meconium” when we get Abdul home).

Although my maternity leave started at the beginning of the week, I’ve not really been resting. I’ve been nesting and still doing work bits from home. But TODAY! Today I am going to see a matinee at the movies, just because I can. Here are some other things I’ve enjoyed this week:

Rock My WeddingAll week on this wonderful blog, they’ve been posting the images from a shoot that I did with them at 32 weeks. I know it’s not baby-related, but it’s still pretty awesome. You can view all the posts by clicking on each word in the following sentence: All Good Brides Deserve Fudge.

Elvis has left the buildingAccording to an article on the BBC this morning, Elvis has dropped off of America’s top 100 names list for the first time since 1954. Has it been replaced by Miley or Justin? I hope not.

ThorIn a last ditch attempt to see as many movies at the theatre as we can, we saw Thor at the Imax in 3-D the other day. It was a good film. Not a great film. I do love a boy with long golden hair, though, just like my James. Obviously, the diamond-cut muscular chest did nothing for me… (actually, James will most likely never read this, so I can safely say, Chris Hemsworth’s chest is H.O.T.). I was a bit of a comic geek when I was younger, but I never got into Thor. A magic hammer just seemed to be some sort of penis extension, like a Ferrari or massive gold jewellery. One thing that did distress me was that there’s another Transformers film coming out. Do we really need this? No, we don’t.

Now I’ve got to do a quick bit of work writing about maternity shoots for Photo Professional magazine, for which I am a lead columnist. But then I promise to relax! And maybe pack that hospital bag…



  1. 06 May


    When Joe and I first moved to Chicago, they were still shooting Transformers 3. Should you and James go to see it, look VERY closely when they blow-up the LaSalle Bridge ’cause you’ll see the two of us watching (and a lady in a headset screaming at us that we’re not allowed to just stand there). :)

  2. 06 May

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Ooh! And as a late entry, I have to add this link of animals posing with stuffed animals that look like them. Cute overload:

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