13 Apr

Family dinner etiquette, the 1950′s way

Thank goodness for You Tube. Without it, I would never have found all this valuable advice on how to conduct a proper family dinner. Did you know that “pleasant, unemotional conversation helps digestion”? That means there should be no talking about topics like how your day really went, politics, religion, who has annoyed you on Twitter, or the present your cat left on the kitchen floor for you. You may talk about the weather (as long as it’s good weather), which means British families should remain silent at dinner for five-sixths of the year.

I hope you find this video as valuable as I did.

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  1. 13 Apr

    Birgitte Lydum

    OMG! Where DID you find this video Julia?! The words ‘Dinner date’ suddenly takes on a completely new meaning ;-)

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