Julia Boggio at Olympics
07 Aug

Our trip to the Olympic Park

On Day 6, the day after we went to the tennis at Wimbledon, we went to the Olympic Park to soak in the atmosphere. We used the Victoria Gate, as I recommended in my previous post, and it was completely clear: no queues and no crowds. Here are some pictures from our day. Enjoy!

Graffiti as we approach the Victoria Gate

Mixed messages at the Olympics. I don’t agree that everybody hates the Olympics. Just grumpy graffiti artists!

Great grass planted at Olympic stadium

As we walked in through the Victoria Gate, there was the most amazing grass. The kind that makes you want to take your shoes off and scrunch your toes in it. Or plonk your baby down and take a picture.

Olympic spirit

People from all over the world supported their teams…

USA vs UK onesies at the Olympics

…some, with lycra. You can love your flag, but you don’t have to LOVE your flag. Capisce?

British pride at the Olympics

In contrast, I love this little guy’s bowler hat and flag ensemble.

Australian supporters at Olympics 2012

Baby decides she’s into the whole kangaroo thing. Tries to steal one from unsuspecting Aussie.

Baby and volunteers at Olympics

Having been unsuccessful with her bid to steal a kangaroo, Baby holds court with the Olympic volunteers. Tries to score more tattoos and stickers.

Speaking of the volunteers, let’s give them all a big shout out for spending all day talking into loudspeakers and having fun while doing it. I’m sure you’ve all seen this video.

Olympic rings at Olympic Park

Next we spotted a queue, so we joined it (this is Britain, dammit! Queuing should be an Olympic Sport). The queue was to photograph yourself under some big Olympic rings. Cool.

Spectators at Olympic Park

After all that queuing, we decided it was time to sit on a grassy hill and watch the big screen. Tip: the east lawns/east screen are far less crowded than the west ones (pictured here). Between sports events, they put on some entertainment, like the opera in the top picture (weird).

Olympic flags waving

This is just a pretty picture of some Olympic flags that I took while queuing for lunch.

LOVE reflection

We showed our LOVE for the Olympics in one of the many reflective surfaces at the Park.

Olympic police

The horses look out for possible insubordination from the crowds. The police have a chat, cup of tea, you know.

BBC at the Olympics

You didn’t have to walk very far to see a BBC video camera. These guys are working hard to bring us all great coverage of the Games. Well done, BBC!

Olympic Architecture

The architecture at the Olympic Park was amazing. Lots of interesting buildings to look at and a great showcase for British design.

Wildflowers at Olympics

Finally, it was time to go and get Baby to bed. But first, we stopped off at the Olympic Stadium to take in the gorgeous wildflowers. Let’s hope that, after the Olympics, the park continues to look so amazing.

London should always hold the Olympics. It’s doing a grand job!



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