12 Dec

Diary of a Baby-Led Weaner

Once I got over my annoyance at the NHS Weaning class in which they said the government was suddenly recommending BLW for “the best start in life” (grrr!), I decided to give it a go. It sort of made sense to me and I liked the idea of Baby feeding herself. Before she hit 6 months, I dabbled in feeding her foods, but the day her half-birthday arrived, I started weaning for real.

I bought the book, checked out the blogs, and purchased a plastic cloth to put under her TrippTrapp highchair. I also acquired a “magic mat” from Tommy Tippee that suctions her plate to the table. Last but not least, I ordered a weekly Baby & Toddler box from Abel & Cole (although if I get another swede or celeriac, I’m going to throw it at the delivery man).

In the first week, there was a lot of gagging and I doubt anything went down. Whenever she gagged, I did my best not to react; in fact, I’d usually smile beatifically at her, like gagging was the best thing in the world and I was so proud of her for doing it. The gagging reflex in babies is located much more forward on the tongue (whereas it’s at the back of the throat in adults) to make sure they don’t choke.

After about a week and a half, I noticed a marked reduction in gagging and saw some broccoli in her poo. Yea, Baby!

We are now on our third week of BLW and the benefits as I see them are:

- She learned to chew pretty quickly
- She feeds herself
- She sits at the table while I/we eat as part of the family
- She tries everything I put in front of her
- I have NOT bought loads of new equipment, like mini blenders and Wean Machines
- I’m enjoying preparing food again
- My diet has become healthier

This last one is my favourite benefit. I don’t eat broccoli, but I have been eating it because I’m feeding it to her. I’m actually achieving close to my five-a-day! However, I’ve also turned into a bottom feeder – that is, I eat whatever she throws on the floor. I think that puts me in the same social strata as our cats.

So far, I’ve given her:

- Apple wedges baked with a sprinkling of cinnamon (THIS IS HER FAVOURITE)
- Pears
- Banana (messy and turns into cement when you try to wash it off everything)
- Baked sweet potato and parsnip wedges (skins on) – (LOVES these)
- Steamed carrot and broccoli
- Courgette rounds baked with a little parmigiano cheese melted on top (LOVES IT)
- Fusilli pasta with homemade tomato sauce and parm cheese (doesn’t love it yet)
- Cheese omelette and toast fingers
- Chicken and turkey (the cats loved it when she dropped it on the floor)
- Cucumber
- Organix Rice Cakes and Gingerbread men

I’m waiting for my new River Cottage and Annabel Karmel Finger Food books to arrive so I can get more adventurous. I’m going to make her first pizza tomorrow.

I’m really enjoying weaning her this way. I don’t necessarily believe that it’s better than the puree route, but I’m having fun. And from the smile on her face and the mess on her plate, I think she is, too.


  1. 04 Jan

    Nicola Wardle

    Great to hear progress from another BLW. Grace is now 8 months old and has been on finger food for 2 months. She has really got into eating in the last fortnight, in big amounts!
    Oh the pride over her first poo shaped poos!
    She mostly ate roasted or steamed veg and rice cakes or various porridges… but now i’m simply making a no salt or sugar version of our food and she’s loving it!
    The only downside is she’s not that messy and I was hoping for some corking pics of food all over her!

  2. 14 Jan


    How did the pizza go down?

  3. 09 Mar


    Hi there, i think that blog link isn’t working, was it to mine? Glad it’s been going well, what River Cottage recipes have you done? I can HIGHLY recommend the aubergine parmesan, although do the aubs in the oven or you’ll be there all day…

  4. 09 Mar

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Hi, Aitch!
    I fixed the link :o )
    She loves the Courgette Polpettes and the Spinach Puff Pastry. I will definitely give the aubergines a go!


  5. 09 Jul


    Great recipe ideas – thank you! I’m definitely going to give them a go with my daughter. We’ve definitely seen the benefits of BLW in our house. And the cat gets over excited about all the food that falls on the floor.

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