Daddy daycare
29 Jun

Daddy Daycare

Meanwhile back at the ranch on Saturday, James was left in charge of Baby. I asked him to do a vlog and this is what he got up to.

Music “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Rockabye Baby


  1. 29 Jun

    Matt Petty

    Well that’s very cute now isn’t it. Was the baby holding the camera at 2.20?
    You’re both looking very well. Hope to make it back to the Old Country sometime soon (legal barriers aside)

  2. 29 Jun

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Yes. She’s very talented.

  3. 29 Jun

    Kaz Fernando

    Absolutely Fantastic… really loved the Vblog…still smiling!!! Well done Daddy! You got her on a good day…maaaaybe? X

  4. 29 Jun

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    I know! Now he thinks I’m just being lazy ;0)

  5. 30 Jun

    Caroline Job

    love it, quirky, tongue in cheek – those were the days with just one… we increased it to 3, and now they are aged 8,10,13!!! wow! time flies, do enjoy it, as they grow up in a flash, honest xxx

  6. 30 Jun

    Sian, MummyTips

    Just one word…


  7. 30 Jun

    Stay At Home Babe

    Your husband is awesome! Good on him for making the vlog. That was great. My husband managed to clean the whole house from top to bottom… like, properly scrubbed it while I was at cybermummy. He didn’t get done any of his work that he was supposed to do though. :)

  8. 30 Jun

    Mummy Limited

    I love this and smiled the whole way through. He makes it look easy, although one day isn’t quite the same as day after day after day….

    ps- LOVE your kitchen wallpaper.

  9. 01 Jul


    I smiled throughout the entire video. It is so wonderful, and James , you are teriffic and i am looking foward to seeing more of both of you. Great entertainment.Are there any pictures of your mom and the girly girl yet??

  10. 04 Jul


    Great film! So wonderful seeing you being daddy so brilliantly! Xx

  11. 05 Jul

    Caroline Easter

    So enjoyed watching the vlog – well done James !!!

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