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18 Jan

Catching Up

Whew! Did we just have a holiday over Christmas? For the life of me, I can’t remember it. Since I got back, it’s been nonstop. I’ve given three presentations at a photography conference and attended a tea party at the Dorchester where I was served champagne by Abercrombie & Fitch models. All this adds up to having precious little time to blog.

But I’m sure you’re just dying to know what Baby and I have been up to, so I thought I’d do one big update blog on all my outstanding threads.

The Weaning

Last time I checked in with you, we had just started on the baby-led weaning journey. Things are still going well. So far, we’ve only had one choking incident, brought on by too much beef burger in one bite, combined with a yawn. All was fine, as my first aid skills kicked into overdrive. I’m not even sure that it was choking or just a dramatic gag, but you can never be too careful. James has now banned beef burger from the menu, just in case.

Her current favourite foods are Spaghetti Bolognese, Courgette Polpettes (from the River Cottage Baby & Toddler cookbook) and Cheese, Chicken, and Apple Quesadillas from Annabel Karmel’s Weaning (also works with Tuna and Jarlsburg).

Baby really seems to enjoy eating and we love to watch her. It’s like Buffy, West Wing, and The Sopranos all rolled into one show. One of the points of BLW is that the baby is supposed to sit at the table with you to get the gist of table etiquette. I’m a little nervous that she’s going to grow up thinking the point of mealtime is for a group of people to gather at a table and stare at her. Could be awkward at dinner parties in the future.

The Guitar Playing

I’ve been plugging away at my little six-string. My repertoire now includes “O, Susanna!”, “This Old Man”, “Home on the Range” and “The Wheels on the Bus.” I’ll be booking Carnegie Hall soon.

The only downside of this whole rock’n'roll lifestyle I’m now leading is that I have to clip the nails on my left hand really short in order to push on the strings properly. I’ll just add it to the list of sacrifices one makes as a mother.

The Year Coming Up

I’ve got so many exciting things coming up this year. First off, I’ll be guest blogging for BritMums and Bob Books, as well as speaking at the BritMums Live conference in June. I’ll also be launching a photography project on the blog in February and I want you all to join in.

In the studio, we’ve just expanded our space and have a host of amazing projects coming up. I’d love to tell you about them all, but that would ruin the surprise.

This Week

You can also expect updates from both Jane and Nicola.


  1. 18 Jan

    Hilary Binns

    “the point of mealtimes is for a group of people to gather at the table and stare at her” – love it!
    Sorry to have missed you at the convention :(

  2. 18 Jan


    Glad to see you’re back, but boy do you sound busy!! I love the work of the Bob Books people and saw your comp on there, good stuff. Looking forward to the bump updates too! B

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