Julia Boggio at BritMums
09 Jul

BritMums Live!

BritMums Live! is a bit like New Year’s Eve: it’s a great party, but then the following day you are left with a list of resolutions to tackle in the coming 12 months.

I’ve come away from BritMums Live! full of inspiration, ideas and good intentions for my blog(s) in 2012. Thanks to Janis Curry and her talk on Facebook, I am all ready to become an über-Facebook user in my spare time. I also attended advanced WordPress with the inimitable Julie Hall (Plug-ins, I shall no longer fear thee!). Be prepared for my avalanche of e-books after the session on eBook publishing with Antonia Chitty. I am officially petitioning David Cameron to add another day to the week and more hours to the day. So much to do, not enough Julias. Are cloning services available on Harley Street yet?

One highlight for me was meeting Cherry Healey, whose documentaries kept me entertained while I was holed up in the nursery, doing battle with breastfeeding after Baby was born. It also reminded me of last year, when I went to BritMums Live (except it was called CyberMummy), I had just given birth to Baby. While I was there, James did a film about how easy it was to watch after a 5-week-old baby all on his own. The conference is a bit of a hormone-clouded blur to me, as I spent most of it pumping milk in the toilets.

This year was a much better experience. I made loads of connections and also got to eat as much fresh juice and soup as I wanted at the VitaMix stand. Result!

Despite having learned loads, I think that the best part of BritMums Live! was meeting the women who I’ve been cyberfriends with since I started blogging in March 2011. First and foremost was Michelle Garrett from The American Resident; she was one of the first mummy bloggers I made contact with when I decided to start I Carried a Watermelon. She also kindly invited me along to an expat bloggers’ dinner on the Friday night, where I met so many wonderful and talented women. Unfortunately, I couldn’t drink because I had to be up super early because my talk on photography was scheduled for 9:45. Eek!

Thankfully, my talk on how to work with light to improve blog photography seems to have gone down well. I’m planning to expand on my talk in some blog posts in the future (that falls under ideas and good intentions). I’m hoping that some of the attendees will share images that they’ve taken using the tools I taught.

Two days later, my arms are still aching from carrying allof the swag home. I feel that the swag deserves a post of its own, there’s so much of it. I’ll put it in my list of things to blog about.

Swag at BritMums Live

Was it worth it? Definitely. Will I go again? Yes. Will I achieve all my good intentions for the 2012 blogging season? Most likely not. But if I can do half of what’s buzzing around in my head, I’ll be happy.

Congratulations to Susanna Scott and Jennifer Howze for organising a great event.


  1. 09 Jul


    I really enjoyed BritMums Live, and loved your Photography session – and I’m not just saying that!

    I am passionate about my iphone photography – so your illustration of how to get amazing still life photos with your iphone were inspiring….need to buy that shower curtain!

  2. 14 Jul

    Michelloui | The American Resident

    It was really great to have the chance to talk with you Julia, even if we got ourselves a bit stirred up by politics in the evening!! ;) My BML regret? That I couldn’t attend your session, but thank you for taking pity and giving me a brief tutorial on lighting! I am trying to put it into practice…!!

    Love your image on this post, by the way.

  3. 14 Jul

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Aw, thanks! I’m going to do some blog posts about it, too, so you can see if those help you out. Glad you like the pic. It was the last session I attended and I suddenly thought, “Oops! I haven’t taken any photos!” ;o) Jx

  4. 14 Jul

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Can’t wait to see the results, Janine! x

  5. 26 Jul

    Kate Takes 5

    Bit late with my comment but I just wanted to say that your session was my absolute favourite at Britmums. Enjoyed every minute of it and wished it was twice as long!

  6. 26 Jul

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Really glad you enjoyed it! I’m also glad it wasn’t twice as long – It took ages to prep everything! ;) Jx

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