12 Nov

Britain in a Day

I happened upon this on Facebook and thought it was such a brilliant idea that it deserved its own post. BBC2 is running a project called “Britain in a Day”. The idea? Everyone across Britain needs to film what he or she gets up to on November 12, 2011. That’s today, in case you are wondering.

Afterwards, upload your film onto the BBC2 website. They are going to make a documentary about it to be aired next year plus they are creating a huge database of films to show what life is like in Britain on that given day.

Do you remember the whole time capsule thing when we were kids? This is kind of like that. People would fill boxes with items pertinent to the era and then “bury” the box, whether it was literally or figuratively. For some insane reason, I decided to bury all of my old Star Wars figurines in my backyard. Somebody is going to make a fortune off of them one day.

Anyway, today is a brilliant day for me to film. We are heading to Greenwich for a 10K run where James, his father, and his brother are running. Of course, James is doing it in a Baby costume with a huge dummy around his neck. What will future generations think of that?

So get involved and have fun!


  1. 12 Nov

    Caroline Job

    Love the idea… Also Converse shoes have just invaded our home. All 3 kids are now proud owners of at least one pair, and one has these red ones too x Do hop on over and have a look at our blog xx Good luck with your filming!

  2. 13 Nov


    Wish I’d read this sooner. We spent the 12th November telling our families we’re pregnant…. with twins! That would have been fun to video & watch back later. The reactions of everyone was brilliant, it was one of the happiest days in our lives.

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