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27 Mar


For some reason, most likely due to my busy schedule, I completely ignored the needs of my expanding bosom until my seventh month. I’ve been squeezing my new puppies into my old bra – an underwire bra, no less, which I have now heard is very bad for pregnancy because the underwire can press on developing milk glands and cause all sorts of chaos. I also knew it was time for me to do something because my husband has had more and more difficulty focusing on my eyes when I talk to him.

With that in mind, I went over to see the lovely ladies at Eloise in Wimbledon. Eloise is a lingerie company that specialises in maternity bra wear and they do a professional bra fitting to make sure you get the right size. And the bras are pretty and not that expensive either. Bonus.

I was fitted by Catherine, who brought in bra after bra until we’d found two that were the perfect size for me and had some room to grow into. She also confessed to me that she personally has over 120 bras in her own wardrobe. I suppose it’s a hazard of being in the business.

Having worn these wonderful bras now for a couple weeks, I cannot fathom why I didn’t get this done sooner. They are so comfortable and, while my new bosom still looks pretty to my husband, I am no longer doing the Pamela Anderson wannabe impression that my underwire push-up bra was giving me. And I’ll be going back to get fitted for my nursing bras at week 38. I’ve never been so excited about bras in my life.


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