13 Jul

The BritMums Blog Carnival: Photo Story Theme

Welcome to the July BritMums Blog Carnival!  As a professional photographer, I thought that a photographic theme would be the way to go with this one, especially as I just did a talk on how to improve your blog photos at BritMums Live.

I had some wonderful entries and I’m really excited to share them with you here. But first, what is a photo story? It’s a post where there are a lot of pictures that collectively tell a story. Simples. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be words as well, but there needs to be a good number of images, too. For example, here’s one that I did on Baby Led Weaning and another one from my studio blog on photographing the Queen. You get the gist.

First in the Carnival is a post by Mary from Asturian Diary, an ex-acupuncturist now rock climber who gave up the rat race to move to Spain with her family. This lovely post called Going Home the Long Way Around gives us an excellent insight into her family adventure and some of the great things there are to do in the northern Spanish province of Burgos. ¡Que bella!

The next post is going to give you the warm fuzzies. It’s called A New Best Friend? from Chloe Witters and it’s about a boy and his bear, lovingly capture by his photographer mum.

Dorky Mum’s post, London: A Day in Photos, makes me want to grab Baby and my camera and head into town. It’s definitely inspired me to record more of the activities we do in photo stories, instead of thinking “No, my camera’s too heavy to carry.” You can always rely on Dorky Mum for a good read.

If I had been drinking tea when I read Lifeline by Save Every Step, I think I would have snorted it out of my nose. I don’t want to spoil it by talking too much about it here, but I love it because it’s funny and clever. Well done.

Helen from Save Every Step also submitted Family Stories and Every Single Day, which are both great photo stories and should inspire a few posts of their own. I’m already plotting how to gather photos of all my relatives. And I think I may have a little crush on Helen for her amazing passion for preserving family histories.

One of the things I love about Mari’s World is the strapline on her blog: The Great British Housewife, which becomes especially interesting after reading her About Me section (my father, an Italian man, has always warned me about Italian men!).  Mari sent me a guest’s perspective of a wedding that she recently attended in To Have and To Hold from This Day Forward.

I was so excited to meet Mrs B from Cranky Monkeys at BritMums Live! Then I was excited again to realise we are practically neighbours. She submitted a touching study of her two boys playing together. It really captures the bond between two siblings in A Snapshot of Brothers at 7 and 3.

The last post in our Carnival made me wish Baby were a little older so I could do this with her (the idea is tucked away for a future rainy day, of which I’m sure there will be many). It can’t be easy finding ways to entertain 3 little girls, but that’s what Rebecca from Here Come the Girls has to do on a regular basis. As a big reader, I am so in love with this idea of a book package that I almost divorced my husband and married it when I read The Worst Princess – Summer Book Exchange. As we look toward a possibly wet summer, this is a great thing to organise among friends.

Well, I hope you’ve been entertained and inspired. I know that my brain is reeling with ideas and plans for future projects (I’ll add them to The List). If you’ve got photo stories of your own, please feel free to post links in the comments section below. The more the merrier! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Baby and my camera.


  1. 13 Jul

    Helen Spencer

    You are a goddess. Thanks so much for including me, and for the over-flattering comments. Crush reciprocated for your photographic awesomeness! Helen

  2. 13 Jul


    And thanks so much for including me too. I’m honoured to be in such great company!

  3. 14 Jul


    Thanks for putting this together Julia!

  4. 14 Jul


    That’s a fun blog carnival, lots of great posts :)

  5. 15 Jul


    Thanks for including my photo story. I love the book package idea too – I’m planning on doing it for all my firneds kids. Maybe.

    I love your top photo with all the old cameras.

  6. 16 Jul

    Marianne whooley

    Thank you for including me and apologies for my delay in getting back to you, am now off to have a good read ;)

  7. 16 Jul

    Michelle Twin Mum

    A really lovely carnival theme, you have inspired me. I wish I had come to your session at BritMums, I have heard very good things. Mich x

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