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28 Jun

Blog Carnival at ICAW – July 10!


Back when I just started I Carried a Watermelon, I applied to BritMums to host a blog carnival. The date I got was July 10, 2012 – seemed like a lifetime away when they sent it to me, but now it’s here!

Hot on the heels of my talk at BritMums Live I thought that it would a good idea to have a photographic theme for the blog carnival. So here it is:

I’d like your post to be a photo story; that is, tell a story in pictures. I recently saw a great photo story on Motherhood Journeys’ blog, telling the tale of her time at BritMums Live. Another blogger, Chloë Witters – one of the Snap! Category finalists this year – did a photostory on her son waking up from a nap.

You can do a photo story about anything at all! That doesn’t mean it can’t have any words, but the focus should be on the images.

I’m looking forward to receiving your submissions – please send to me through the contact page of this site. Deadline for entries is July 6.


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