Ways to avoid blogging
31 Jul

Blame Smallville

You know you haven’t blogged in a while when somebody emails you to check that you’re still alive.

Well, I am here and breathing.

I’m getting tired of hearing myself say how busy I am. We’re all freakin’ busy.

In my case, I also blame Smallville. You see, I started watching the first season when Baby was born. I’d sit down for one of our marathon breastfeeding sessions, watching the young Clark Kent act like the dumbest superhero in the world. Despite the often-abysmal acting and poor script, time went on and I watched season after season. Following season 7, I had to take a break because it had just gotten too stupid for words. But then my curiosity got the best of me and I bought season 8 and have been on a bender ever since.

Maybe I can’t blame Smallville entirely. I also went back to work full-time a couple months ago. The sharp decrease in my blogging sort of coincided with that. Aside from photography, one of my main jobs at work is populating our studio blog, which takes a lot of time. And then there was Baby’s first birthday (more on that at another time). And I ran a 10k. Plus I photographed the Queen and Richard Branson, as well as my normal retinue of fabulous clients. So I’m really really sorry that I went away for a little while.

But I promise to get back on that blogging horse, just as Clark Kent continues to defeat the hurdles in his path. If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching Smallville, it’s that there really is enough time in the day to write good copy and save the world. Okay, maybe I’m not saving the world, but I like to think that people out there enjoy reading what I have to say and get something from it.

I’m almost finished with season 10. It’s almost out of my life. Which means, I’ll soon be back in yours.

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