22 Jun

Becoming a Cybermummy

This Saturday, I’m heading off to Cybermummy 2011 – a conference for mummy bloggers. It’s similar to Cybermen from Dr Who, who are always striving for universal domination, but we’ll be learning how to take over the world via social media.

Originally, I was planning to bring Baby with me, but now that I have one month’s experience under my belt, I can see this would be pure madness. For the sake of all the delegates, I’m leaving Baby in Daddy Daycare. It’ll be my longest period separated from her since I gave birth and I expect that I’m going to miss her terribly. Or maybe not, seeing as how she’s just kept us up half the night.

James is so excited about watching Baby. He keeps telling me how they’re going to go for a walk together (twice–AM and PM), go into Wimbledon to shop, mow the lawn, watch loads of movies, and hang the pictures in the nursery. I haven’t laughed too hard because I don’t want to squash his enthusiasm, but, um…good luck with all that. I won’t tell him that he’ll be doing well to get out of his pyjamas.

Speaking of clothing, I’ve been keeping abreast of the pre-Cybermummy buzz on Twitter and a lot of women are talking about what they are going to wear. This is concerning for me because, at present, I consider managing to take a shower to be a major achievement, much less putting on clothes I haven’t already been wearing for three days. I don’t think my recent look of maternity jeans paired with a milk-stained wrap-around dress would go down too well in polite company. So I’m going to have to put some effort into this. I suppose it will be nice to wear a shirt that’s main purpose in life isn’t to allow easy access to my breasts.

There are some great speakers at the conference, including ex-Mrs Prime Minister, Sarah Brown, who has just written a book called Behind the Black Door. The aspect I’m most excited about is simply networking with other mummy bloggers and putting faces to some of the names on Twitter. I’ve read the list of things I need to do as a CM virgin and I’ve got my ICAW business cards printed. I’ve also had to come up with a plan for pumping for breastmilk at the conference, which will be a first for me. Do you think the Medela Bustier would be a good look on the day? Very Madonna meets Janet Jackson.

Ah. James has just emailed me his revised list for Saturday. He’s just added meet friends for lunch. Bless.



  1. 23 Jun

    LJB @ crankymonkeys in london

    I just wondered here from Britmum’s CyberMummy linky… I think I live in your neighbourhood :) Your photography site looks seriously good, once this conference is over I’ll try to talk all the boys in my family into a proper family photo shoot!

  2. 26 Jun

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Thanks! We’d love to see you in the Studio!

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