Kids love spaghetti
04 Apr

Spaghetti Baby

Sometimes, it’s moments like these that are the most precious. Moments when Baby is just taking delight in something as simple as eating spaghetti and I’m taking delight in something as simple as watching her.

It reminds me that it isn’t just the big events that need photographing. The little things are worth capturing, too.

What activities does your child enjoy? Make a list of his or her top 5 things and then promise yourself to take pictures of him/her doing it next time.

Dish of steaming spaghetti bolognese

Baby eating spaghetti bolognese, baby led weaning

messy baby eating spaghetti

16 month old baby eating spaghetti very messily

Baby shoving spaghetti into her mouth

The End written in spaghetti

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  1. 27 Apr


    That’s just the happiest set of photographs Julia! I have some much cherished shots of my son trying to eat spaghetti that’s stuck on the underside of his arm! It’s the simple things that sometimes work the best isn’t it?

    Lovely x

  2. 07 May

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Hey, Mammasaurus! You are definitely right. I’m worried I’m going to forget all these great little moments. Thank goodness for digital cameras and Dropboxes :o ) Jx

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