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04 Apr

Will She/Won’t She: Saag Paneer

This is the first of my new series called “Will she/Won’t she?”, inspired by my daughter and her no-nonsense verdicts on mummy’s cooking.

Sometimes, I’ll spend two hours preparing a delicious meal for her only to have her feed it to the cat. So I thought I’d start a series to give other baby-led weaning mums an idea of what Baby likes and what she hates.

First up in the series is Saag Paneer, the recipe for which you can find on page 126 of the River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook.

I left out the chilli as I’m not sure Baby is ready for it yet and, to help cut down on preparation time, I used the Gourmet Garden tubes of garlic and ginger. I served it with some wild smoked salmon rubbed with some Provencale oil from Oil & More, cooked in the oven for 20 minutes.

Well, the good news on this one was that she loved it! I was worried the Indian cheese (paneer) would be a little too tough, but I cut them up small so that she could chew them easily. I ended up giving her THREE HELPINGS.

Mummy and daddy also liked it. I would give this recipe:

Ease to prepare: 5/5
Taste: 4/5
Baby points: 5/5
Freezability: 1/5


  1. 05 Apr

    Marte L Rekaa

    Looks yummy! Save some for me next time :)

  2. 05 Apr


    Very impressive Mrs. D.

    Paneer is my favourite Indian dish. Baby has taste!

    If you like Indan food, please get Mr. D to take you to Tamarind one day. The best Indian restaurant in this here land after Chez Boggio of course. :-)

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