09 May

Will She/Won’t She: Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Pasta

[Images taken on my iPhone]

Lately, meal times have been a little difficult. A combination of teething, runny nose and hacking cough seem to have taken Baby’s appetite away. In an effort to reinvigorate her taste buds, James spent hours making her a gorgeous fish stew one night, followed by a lamb tagine the next, both of which she disdainfully deposited onto the floor fistful by fistful. So I hit the cookbooks in search of something easy and tasty that Baby might deign to eat.

Knowing that she loves pasta, I had a look through the My Daddy Cooks book. I met the author, Nick Coffer, over Twitter (turns out my friend Nikole shot his wedding, too) and bought his book last year. I hadn’t really used the cookbook yet, as the recipes aren’t for babies at the beginning of their baby-led weaning journey, but at 11 months, I think she’s ready for the majority of the dishes. I chose the “No-cook lemon, cream cheese and smoked salmon sauce” for spaghetti on page 114.

James picked up the ingredients at a Tescos Express (couldn’t get fresh dill so used fresh parsley instead) and he whizzed it together in no time at all. We all sat down to dinner and waited expectantly while Baby grabbed her first mouthful and…

…she loved it! She was shovelling it into her mouth with glee, but I can’t blame her; it was pretty tasty – although with the amount of cream cheese in it, I can’t say it’s going to do anything for my post-baby figure, but neither will the Daim Norwegian chocolate my friend gave me the other day or the vast quantities of cheese that I seem to consume.

She was even kind enough to offer some to the cat, who has had his fair share of hair pulling lately, so maybe it was her way of making amends.

James was also mightily impressed by how easy the meal was to prepare. He asked where the cook book had come from as he had never seen it before. I pointed out that I’d bought it for him for Christmas. Ahem.

Baby finished the meal off by gnawing on a big piece of bread. By the amount of food on her face and in her hair, I’d say this was a big success. Since then, we’ve also done the Turkey Meatloaf (she liked) and tonight will be the beef stir fry.

Thanks, Nick, for your lovely and easy cookbook! I highly recommend My Daddy Cooks. Not so thrilled about the mess I had to clean up afterwards, though…


  1. 13 May


    We are cooking from My Daddy Cooks too for our 7.5m little girl (and, um, us), who is also weaning blw stylee… The savoury muffins have been a big hit. We are doing a pasta bake tonight from it!

  2. 01 Jun


    I can relate to the hours of slaving over a meal only to have it thrown on the floor! I recently came across My Daddy Cooks blog and am keen to give it a try! Looks great and Baby has grown up so much. She looks lovely!

  3. 22 Jul


    I loved this post especially the photos.When my baby has had enough he just throws the dish so I try to hover around the high chair to catch it !

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