James and Baby at hospital
25 May

Baby is here!

After a 24-hour labour, Baby was born in the early hours on Monday. She was perfect in every way. Ten fingers, ten toes and one set of lusty lungs. Needless to say, she stole our hearts without even trying.

Many years ago, I bought this fabulous book called The Secret Language of Birthdays. Every spread covers a day of the year (all 365+1 of them) and tells you what traits are characteristic of people born on that day.

Strangely, I have found this book to be almost 95% spot on when I look people up. For example, my birthday strengths are that I am versatile, multi-talented and responsible, whereas my weaknesses are none of your business. Hee hee.

So here is what it says about Baby:

Strengths: Attractive, convincing, mentally active
Weaknesses: Hasty, self-sacrificing, self-unaware
Shares a birthday with: Joan Collins

Maybe she will have a penchant for large shoulder pads? I would still love her!

In the next week, I’ll post the complete, unabridged version of the birth story. James will also be making more posts from his point of view. In the spirit of Dirty Dancing, we will both be referring to her as Baby, as we have made a conscious decision not to use her real name on the blog.

And regarding photo shoots, she’s booked in for her first official shoot on Friday, but I’ll be doing some unofficial pictures of her at home, too. She’s already a good little poser. And fear not – I haven’t forgotten about my third maternity shoot with Nikole Ramsay! It was supposed to go up yesterday, but I was a little, er, busy. I’ll be posting it on Friday. I absolutely love the photos because they are really different from the other two shoots. I have a wonderful complete record of my pregnancy.

Thank you again for all the messages on Twitter and Facebook. They were helping us through a long and nervous time when we were in hospital and we very much appreciated them.

Now, if you don’t mind, I desperately need to stare at my daughter sleeping for at least an hour.



  1. 25 May

    Rachel Knights

    Gorgeous! I love a photo of new borns with their daddys! Their faces are full of emotion.
    I have one of my husband when both my girls were born. When I look at them I am so proud!
    Well done Julia. She is absolutely beautiful. xx

  2. 25 May

    Caroline Nicholson

    Huge congratulations on the birth of ‘Baby’ – she looks just gorgeous – just don’t leave her in the corner too much, I guarantee she won’t like it :o ) Can’t wait too see more pictures, and congratulations again to both of you – Caz xxx

  3. 25 May


    I can’t tell you how very happy I am for you both. Enjoy these beautiful, precious, amazing first few days. You will look back on the fondly for years and years to come.
    Sending all 3 of you lots and lots of love,
    Annabel xXx

  4. 25 May

    Hannah Beatrice

    Congratulations Julia and James! Baby is beautiful! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely time staring at her.

  5. 25 May

    Adele Haywood

    She looks beautiful xxx :)

  6. 25 May

    faye yerbury

    Just Beautiful.xxxxxx

  7. 25 May

    Bev Downie

    Congratulations to you all! Baby looks adorable and so content. Enjoy baby watching :-) xx

  8. 25 May

    Kate Saunders

    Fab news Julia! She looks beautiful xxx

  9. 25 May


    ahhh Julia – many congratulations with your brand new baby!

  10. 25 May

    Ross Holkham

    Congrats Julia, she looks adorable!

  11. 25 May

    Juliet Hollingsworth

    soooo cute! Congrats guys (she shares same birthday as my other half, he’s a pretty good guy so think you’ll be alright there!)

  12. 25 May


    So beautiful, huge congratulations both!

    Charlotte, Adam and Bek xxx

  13. 25 May

    Birgitte Lydum @ Baby Beamers

    Well done and congratulations Julia & James!

    Isn’t it an amazing feeling? A new birth never fails to move me… All the best for the coming days, weeks and months. I hope your little girl will thrive and bring you unimaginable amounts of joy.

    B x

    PS: Call me when you need a SunSnooozer…

  14. 25 May

    Marianne Taylor

    Congratulations to all three of you! What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you. xxx

  15. 25 May

    Alison Tinlin

    Congratulations to you all. “Baby” is just beautiful, and you will while away many hours as a mama just watching them sleep. Enjoy your little girl xxx

  16. 25 May


    Wow to the image above! I think a little girl has just stolen James’ heart :)
    Congrats to you both x

  17. 25 May

    Lisa Long @ More Than Words

    She is beautiful! Congratulations to you both. Lots of love xx

  18. 25 May


    Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful!

  19. 25 May

    Roz & Severin

    Amandine was very excited that ‘Baby’ shares the same birthday as hers. ‘Happy Birthday’ and congrats to you all. XXX

  20. 25 May

    Lee Tuckett

    Life will never be the same again! Congratulations to you all on the safe arrival of your beautiful daughter. Rest… You’ll need it! :)

  21. 25 May


    Many congrats Julia. Fab news. Would love to hear her name (offline) and how it’s all going xx

  22. 25 May

    Rosie Parsons

    Congratulations!!! So happy to read your news :) xxxx

  23. 25 May

    Abby Wilkes

    And ‘just like that’, your wonderful baby girl has entered your world. Congratulations to you and James. Welcome to the world little one! Abby x

  24. 25 May

    Silje Glefjell

    Congratulations to the both of you! She looks absolutely gorgeous! :)

  25. 25 May


    Now she is perfect. Well done to you all, wonderful! x

  26. 25 May

    Katy Wey

    I so know where you are coming from with wanting to just stare at her sleeping.

    When Dylan was born I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to be out when they could be home just baby watching.

    Same with Charlie of course but by then I had a nearly 3 year old racing round like a lunatic too (poor second born) :O)

    Enjoy these precious moments and lots of cuddles xxx

  27. 25 May


    Stunning photo Julia ! I’ve come over all unneccesary. Baby looks sooo cute, and James looks completely smitten !

  28. 26 May

    Natasha Bailie

    Amazing! She is a beauty…congratulations to you both xx

  29. 26 May

    gail n john @ photoevoluiton

    Congrats to all – Baby watching is so relaxing -
    enjoy !!
    Arnica and Breast feeding fab for the TUMMY – wrinkles and head state
    WE also have that book ” The secret lanuage of birthdays -
    Love the photo she’s poking her tounge out LOL

  30. 26 May


    Huge congratulations Julia and James! Baby is gorgeous!

  31. 26 May

    Robin Wood

    Congrats and best wishes from New York! The Big Apple has been renamed The Humongus Watermelon in her honor. Love Robin

  32. 26 May


    Congratulations – she’s absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the staring :)

  33. 26 May


    Congratulations Julia and James on the addition to your family.

    Baby looks beautiful – can’t wait to see more :)


  34. 27 May


    Huge congratulations, enjoy the many hours just looking at your beautiful baby girl, welcome to the world little one x

  35. 27 May

    Carla Thomas

    Gorgeous picture. The awe on James’s face is fantastic. Looks like he’s willing her never to grow up :) x

  36. 27 May

    Amy Georgina

    Congrats guys, I have a huge smile as I know how amazing it is to have a new little precious bub. Spend hours watching her sleep!

  37. 27 May

    Darlene Coberly

    Congrats to all. What a precious picture. I see a family resemblance to daddy.

  38. 27 May

    Aidan Malia

    Congratulations guys, such fantastic news!! Can so relate to how James looks in that great photo – May 25th is a great date – its also the anniversary of when I met Em!!
    looking forward to catching up soon

  39. 27 May

    Gemma Schipani

    Welcome to the world Baby!

  40. 28 May

    Annamarie Stepney

    Belated Congratulations Julia – so happy for you and your hubbie…must be so amazing to see her gorgeous little eyes looking back at you after all those years of dreaming and looking forward to the day you could finally see them (I’m including the ‘trying’ bit here – hehe!). Enjoy the jounrney hereon and may it be full of love, light and lots of laughter for you all.
    PS – she also shares her birthday with the most amazing man I know…my hubbie!
    Best wishes,
    Annamarie x

  41. 29 May

    Nikki McLeod

    Congratulations, she looks amazing!

  42. 30 May

    Rob Brook

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of BABY. A good tactic when talking to new arrivals to call all babies baby you can’t get the sex wrong then :-)

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