04 Aug

Project: Baby fat

My husband has just asked me if I need an intervention. This is because I ate five large oatmeal cookies and then moved on to crisps and hummus.

And you know what? He’s right. I probably do need one. I need to stop eating like I’m in the final weeks of pregnancy – “eating for two” as it were – and using my recent excuse, “I need more calories because I’m breastfeeding.” Let’s be honest. I don’t need that many calories.

It’s time to take control of this body that I don’t recognise anymore, especially because I realised the other day that James’ trousers fit me better than my own. That’s not good.

So here’s what I’m going to do [cue music from Rocky]:

1. Running with Couch to 5K app (done 3 sessions already)
2. Buggyfit
3. Additional training with NCT pals
4. Healthy eating (I don’t do dieting)

I have 2.5 stone to lose. That’s 35 pounds or 16 kilograms. Gulp. I was so good through most of my pregnancy, but fell to the tempting siren we call ice cream at the end of my third trimester. And then all that weight that’s supposed to fall off because I’m breastfeeding didn’t so much fall off as stay right where it is.

There’s a lot of work to be done here, but today marks the beginning of Project: Baby Fat. This morning, you will find me sweating with Baby in her buggy as I propel my elephantine self around a park with fifteen other mums. This will actually be my second Buggyfit class; during the first one, a smarmy group of teens were making fun of us all by mimicking our lunges and squats. Oh, yeah, smarmy teens? Well, you can talk when you’ve squeezed something the size of a watermelon through something the size of a grapefruit. Little sh*ts.

My promise to you is that I’ll give you weekly updates as to how I’m doing, sort of like Bridget Jones, but without the smoking and the shockingly bad sequel.

In return, I need YOU to be my personal trainer. I’ve never been great at sticking to long-term exercise routines, so I need you to keep me on my path to glory. Send me healthy recipes. Tell me to get my butt out of bed. Whatever. That’s your job (please). And if you want to be my cyber training partner, please do let me know.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an intervention to attend.



Proof that I went to Buggyfit this morning in the pouring rain! I highly recommend wearing two sports bras for any post-natal exercise.



  1. 04 Aug

    James The Husband

    Just so you know, I’ve hidden the cookies. And I want my cargo trousers back!

  2. 04 Aug

    James the husbands dad

    What you need is botcamp ( this is not a miss spelling) Fresh welsh air and a walk up the drive a few times a day

  3. 04 Aug

    Lydia Stamps

    Go Julia! I’d really reccomend making small changes to your eating habits like using fry light spray instead of olive oil. I LOVE olive oil, and I used to think fry light was iccky, but it really is amazing the amount of calories you save making the one switch when cooking.

  4. 04 Aug


    Ah Julia, i know what you mean..

    you don’t need to diet too much, just try to avoid the obvious (no fizzy drinks, no crisps, cut a bit on bread and pasta though)

    then: pilates!! definitely the best, 2 or 3 times a week. it’ll make you lean and with lovely shapes. Try to go for 10 classes, or you might give up.
    it’s all in the control and the breathing – take the reformer classes, 10 times more efficient than the mat.

    oh, and go run 5k every week (which you will do in half hour), then onto 10k.

    Running becomes addictive, if you manage to “break the wall” (this is when, after 5 minutes of running, you think you are going to die!!)
    you will run for a long time.

    Register for a race like the british 10k or another 5k charity race, there’s plenty in London, that will push you to train a bit. It’s the best motivator and you’ll be so proud.

    Good luck!!!

  5. 04 Aug


    Apparently four months is the magic time when weight falls off due to Breastfeeding. I’m not convinced. I’m over a stone lighter than I was pre pregnancy and all I’ve done is lots if walking. that ans chasing a toddler and mega mobile baby.

    Good luck

  6. 05 Aug

    Lynn Catling

    My weight started to go at 4.5 months, through breastfeeding, buggy workout and tons of walking, I now weigh less than on my wedding day! Hang in there, it will go.

  7. 06 Aug

    Karen Casey

    Hi Julia, lots of walking (and running if you can manage it) on Wimbledon Common will do the trick. The Mountain Buggy is built for all the activities you can throw at it. I also recommend Pilates and Yoga. Failing that, it all falls off when you start running around after a toddler. Good luck from NYC. Karen

  8. 07 Aug


    Please be careful for your joints! It is really not recommended to start running till at least six months post partum if not breastfeeding and nine months post partum if breastfeeding. Too much relaxin hormone in the body will make your ligaments too loose for running and high impact aerobics and puts you at high risk of an injury.

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