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18 Nov

Attempted Robbery

I’ve been looking forward to today. James had the day off and I was forcing him to see the Mother & Baby viewing of Breaking Dawn at the HMV, followed by lunch and Christmas shopping.

We were just getting ready to leave the house. James was in the nursery, dressing Baby in what no doubt would have been a mismatched outfit. Unfortunately, he didn’t get that far. He lifted up the nursery blinds and saw a ladder on our roof.

Of course, we freaked. Somebody had tried to get into our house at some point yesterday. And they tried to get in through the baby’s window.

We didn’t know when it happened. My imagination immediately started to create a night-time scenario that I don’t even want to contemplate. After speaking with the police, it’s more likely that it happened during the day as a couple other houses were successfully broken into at that time. We got lucky; in the end, all he stole was James’ day off. Either he got scared away or couldn’t get in.

Being close to crime is always unpleasant. In my lifetime, I’ve been robbed by a street thief in Italy, three times in South America, and at home in the UK while we were on holiday in Sharm el Shiekh making Baby. The worst by far was in Peru when I was robbed at a bus station while waiting to go into Ecuador. They got all my journals from months of travelling, negatives (this was before digital), and my camera. But then I wrote about the experience and won a travel writing competition and got some cool stuff, so I suppose there is a thin, silver lining.

People can get really lax about home security, thinking, “Oh, it won’t happen to me.” Well, this has been a really great wake up call. The police have been around today and we are now much more clued up about ways to reduce our risk. So thanks, Mr. Criminal, I guess.

Generally, keep your doors locked at all times, including back doors – even if you are at home. Make sure your locks are good enough to keep most criminals out.

And finally, don’t store your ladder in the back garden…


  1. 18 Nov

    Matt Petty

    Wow, that’s awful! No surprise you freaked.
    Hope you’re all OK, and I agree with the advice.

  2. 18 Nov


    There’s a lot of it about, someone tried to force the door on my car last night.

  3. 18 Nov


    yikes! oh there’s nothing scarier than someone trespassing, or knowing someone’s been thinking about trespassing and eyeing up your property. It’s a horrid thing. So glad it worked out and you’re ok and they didn’t get away with it. I’m really paranoid about things like that. I tend to keep curtains drawn in rooms with anything valuable looking, and tidy away anything that could be used to smash windows (even things like small trowels). I really hope those horrid people don’t come back. xx

  4. 19 Nov


    And don’t leave empty Apple Mac boxes outside your front door

  5. 19 Nov


    Gosh how scary – that’s awful – would really freak me out.

    Glad nothing was stolen and that your space wasn’t invaded.

    Found your blog through the BritMums Live blog.

    The wedding first dance video is SUPERB – that totally passed me by, but clearly not over 9 million other people :-)

    Liska x

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