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16 Jun

Announcing our new photography website

Anyone who has ever created a website knows what a monumental task it is. We’ve been working on this new website for, what feels like, years. Actually, I can’t take too much of the credit (or any, for that matter). This is James’ baby. And I think he’s done a fantastic job.

So please do check out our new portrait site at And feel free to leave comments here to give snaps to James for all his hard work.

Our studio has grown from strength to strength over the past couple years. In 2011, I won Entrepreneur of the Year in Merton and I’m shortlisted for the same award in the South London Business Awards in 2011. Our art graces the walls of over 250 homes in South London and we’re looking to more than double it this year. I’m feeling pretty proud of what we’ve achieved.

And on top of all that, we’ve managed to squeeze in Baby, who is changing our lives and showing us on a daily basis what love is. And also what frustration is. And gas.

In the studio, we’ve always photographed a lot of newborns, babies and pregnancy (including our own), which was a hard line of work to be in when it was taking us three years to get pregnant, but now, we’re really enjoying it. James especially likes asking parents at viewings (when clients come in to see the results of their photographs) for their advice on raising babies.

So! If you are thinking about newborn, baby, pregnancy or family photography, then you’re invited to join our studio family (0207 042 9777). And mention that you love the new website. It’ll make James very happy.



  1. 16 Jun

    Michelle Bird

    I have just spent the past 3 hours reading your beautifully honest blog about your pregnancy, delivery and first precious and demanding weeks for your very longed for baby.
    Every panicked step of the way I was with you re-living the same dilemmas and guilt and mis-information and trial and error. My beautiful baby is now 13 years old, and I can close my eyes and see her tiny form cradled in my arms and be humbled by her need for me as a parent as well as terrified for the responsibility of her I had craved for so many years. I breast fed her for a year – on demand – it was hard, ver very hard! When she was three months old I introduced a bottle feed at 6pm as I would have been sectioned if I had not.
    Two years later when I had my second daughter I introduced that 6pm feed via formula in her first week and had a very different experience. Hindsight is a nasty thing – you can torment yourself greatly by the what-if’s. You are a mother now, and you have given birth to a beautiful daughter. You know (honestly, you really do know) exactly what is the best thing for her. If that is giving her a bottle then do it, if it works and she is happy then do it again. We try so hard to be super-mum, but children just want a good-enough mum. I try to be a good-enough mum, and sometimes I am quite good at it, other times I am really bad, but be honest, forgive yourself and your children will forgive you too.
    My mother stayed in hospital for two weeks after I was born and I was bought to her to be fed every 4 hours, I dont remember it and she feels no guilt.
    As a second time Mum I didnt get dressed before 12, and slept whenever I could guilt free in the knowledge it kept me sane.
    Enjoy your baby, enjoy your husband and enjoy yourself. You are truely blessed, you are a mother xx

  2. 17 Jun


    LOVE the new website! James I don’t know where you found the time to create something so brilliant, between being a Slave to Julia and learning to be a new daddy, running business and clients. Gosh James, you are almost multi tasking!!

  3. 22 Jun


    the new site looks great

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