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19 May

Adventures in birth: day 2 update

I finally managed to fall asleep in the hospital bed. Not the most comfortable of places. I had to sleep sitting up because they only supplied me with a pillow as thin as my new iPad and a blanket that was more like a tablecloth. We hadn’t been prepared for this visit and so didn’t have the stack of pillows we’d put aside for the big event. 

Although I woke up once in a while due to the huge crick in my neck, I couldn’t have done too badly as apparently I slept through a woman in the next room giving birth loudly. I’ve always been a champion sleeper.

In the morning the midwife took all my stats again: blood pressure, foetal heart rate and foetal movement. Apparently Abdul is a good mover. Well done, my girl.

I tried lots of meditation, breathing and visualisation that night. Blooming lotus flowers, waterfalls, holding the baby. More than ever, I could feel Abdul bouncing her head against my cervix, which can help stimulate the necessary softening we need to get things moving. In a way, I felt like Abdul had picked up on the message I was sending her and was doing her best to help me.

The doctor came in at ten to review the data. After looking at all the test results, my bloods were fine, the amount of protein in my urine wasn’t significant enough and my blood pressure, while high, had come down a little and stabilised. We decided it would be best to send me home and bring me back on Friday for monitoring. Phew!

James came back just after ten, prepared for a long stay and I told him we could go home. He had also just welcomed my parents from America into our house before coming. My father found a great new way to jump to the front of the passport queue: “My daughter is in labour!” They got through so quickly that the mini-cab driver hadn’t even arrived yet when they got to the meeting point.

I was ecstatic to be going home. I also really wanted my dad to see me pregnant. It’s hard sometimes to live so far from family, especially after we had to cancel our trip home at Christmas due to placenta praevia. 

When I got home, we had a lovely lunch (much better than hospital food), my step-mother did a fashion show of all the fab clothes she bought in the States for Abdul (I won’t have to buy anything in the first year!) and then I hit the pillows. My old reflexologist came over that evening to rub my feet and stimulate my hormones. And frankly, I just like having my feet rubbed. It’s relaxing! She also showed James some acupressure points he can use to help me out during contractions. And she told me to rent a TENS machine. Kingston Hospital has some, but she said it’s really best to start using it as soon as the contractions start because it helps endorphin production. I’ve ordered one off MamaTens, so hopefully it will arrive by Friday.

So that’s it for my birth adventure for now. False alarm! I’m back to my waiting game. James has requested that I wait until at least Sunday at 5pm to go into labour as he has viewings all weekend. I’ll see what I can do, but Abdul and I are pretty focussed right now. We already make a great mother and daughter team.


  1. 19 May

    Ali Lovegrove

    I was very close to crying at this :-) saving my tears for the birth post though! Really beautiful post, so excited for you. Hope you can get lots of rest, being surrounded by love will certainly help. Good luck Julia xx

  2. 19 May

    Chloe from Love Making It

    Glad to hear you’re doing well… my boyfriend even asked me how the ‘watermelon lady’ was doing last night!!

    Enjoy being pampered and connected with Abdul :) xx

  3. 19 May

    Katy Wey

    “I also really wanted my dad to see me pregnant.”

    That made me get all teary… Glad everything is going as you want (despite the little adventures)…
    Sending vibes for movement soon xxx

  4. 19 May


    Oh cripes. I’ve just read your post in the studio, whilst preparing for the babies and families coming in this weekend, and I just got all emotional again. Give birth already! I want to meet my daughter:-) x

  5. 19 May


    Glad Mr B got to see you pregnant Julia. Your timing seems perfect! Can’t quite believe its about to happen ! Next time I see you , you’ll be a mommy ! Huge love to you and Paula xxx

  6. 20 May


    Sooooooo stylysh!!!!!

  7. 20 May


    Lovely post Julia, glad you’re back home…I did the reflexology and Tens for my first birth, reflexology for induction seemed to do the trick….or it was just really good timing! Sounds like you’re doing all the best things and bonding with that bub already, heaps of luck for the birth and here’s to a safe arrival into the world for your little girl xxx
    PS it’ll be the best cup of tea afterwards EVER xxxx

  8. 22 May

    Jo Belfield

    Do buy a TENS machine Julia – they are helpful but don’t let James do what my husband did to me – instead of turning it off he turned it up to MAX! There was a loud expletive shouted loudly around the ward….

    Those big gym balls are also very good for bouncing on….

  9. 22 May

    Jo Belfield

    Just read the comment about the best cup of tea ever – oh yes it will be the best! After my second son was born I ate slices of blackcurrant jam on toast and I have been addicted to it ever since!

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