Stitch in Time
03 Apr

A Stitch in Time: The Stitch Comes Out

Last Thursday was Jane’s due date. I spent a good portion of the day looking through the curtains to see if their car was still in front of their house. It stayed firmly put. And then in the evening, I looked out and it was gone! But then they came home. Ironic that she’s spent so many months trying to keep the baby in and now that she wants it out, baby says no.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, Jane had to get rid of the famous stitch.


So the famous stitch is finally out. At 37 weeks exactly, I was booked in for the removal of it. My consultant told me that it would be very similar to a smear, and no pain relief would be required (I thought at the time that it sounded like famous last words).

My husband and I got to the hospital at midday, as we were told to do, but unfortunately my consultant was pretty busy so we didn’t see him until 3pm. The first thing his midwife did was get some stirrups for the bed. It was already showing signs of being unlike any smear test I’d ever had, even with my complex gynae history.

Unfortunately I found the procedure excruciatingly painful and not in the slightest like a smear test. I don’t know whether I have a particularly low pain threshold, or a particularly sensitive cervix because of all the trauma it has been through, but I have to say I have never felt pain like it in my life (I know, I know, wait until the birth…). The midwife ended up getting me gas and air, to try and relax me as I was tensing too much for my consultant to get to my almost non-existent cervix. It took some time digging around as he needed to find both ends of the tape, not just one, but eventually it was over, and the pain stopped straight away. I was amazed by the length and width of the tape that was used, I was expecting a little thread, it looked more like masking tape, so baby has had a very safe home.

My husband was amazing. In the last 9 months he has gone from a man uneasy in hospitals and around medical procedures to a man who was completely at ease in that situation, and a complete rock to me. His was the only voice I could hear in that room; he had to repeat everything the consultant said to me as I was in my own world of pain and could only hear him. At least it was like a mini practice for labour.

So now I am just…waiting. We agreed that we would have everything ready in the house for the stitch coming out as baby could realistically appear anytime from then. Of course, I’m now over 38 weeks, and she’s still staying in. With everything organised in the house, and everything bought ready for the new arrival, the boredom has set in. Lots of people are telling me to relax and enjoy it while I can, read books, watch films. I know I would be saying the same to me; however, don’t forget I’ve spent almost 5 months in bed rest. I’ve had my fill of books and films and I just want to meet her now! Hoping that the next post has the good news we’re waiting for…

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