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04 Jan

A Stitch in Time: Christmas update

We haven’t heard from Jane in a little while as she’s been busy enjoying Christmas and watching her belly pop out. But after a few people asked how she was doing on Twitter, I thought I’d give her a prod to give us an update. Here you go!


So, it finally arrived, the big 24 week mark! To be completely honest there were times around the 16-17 week mark, during very dark moments I really never thought that this moment would arrive. The consultant’s words always ringing around my head about ‘if’ we make it to 24 weeks.

As you can imagine I was very relieved. This meant that if I went into labour now they would do everything they could to save my baby. It meant that I could actually start believing we were having a baby. Although, I was fully aware there was only a 50% chance of the baby surviving and then there could be likely long-term health effects, so we weren’t out of the woods yet.

The consultant was very pleased with how we’d managed the last 10 weeks and how strict we’d been with my bed rest (I did wonder how many people therefore don’t follow doctor’s orders). He said the evidence of that was in my cervix length at the scan (3.5cm), BUT that a long cervix does not mean a strong cervix, and that we can’t get overconfident about that.

So, the big question was ‘what next’? Well the chances of going into premature labour haven’t decreased, but with each day the chances of the baby surviving outside the womb increases, especially between weeks 24 and 28, so the next four weeks are really really important. So, continued bed rest for a further four weeks (with one green card to take my husband out to a very local restaurant for dinner for his birthday), and then moderated bed rest. This means that I will be allowed out of the house, and can be up and about for a maximum of 6 hours a day. What a luxury! I’ve already started planning what I can do with my new found freedom.

Then, after 34 weeks when the baby is essentially as safe outside as inside the womb, I can begin ‘normal’ activity. Although I’m not sure I will be able to describe my activity as normal being rather large by then, and pretty weak after so much resting with my feet up, either way I can’t wait.

As I said, we’re not out of the woods yet, but things seem a lot brighter around here. I am feeling frustrated about not being able to get out and about, especially at Christmas time, I know hubby would love me to be able to go and sit in a cosy wintery pub with him for an hour or two, and I would have loved to have gone to my girlie Christmas dinner, see the Christmas lights and go to a Carol service, but there we have it. I am keeping in mind the big picture. I am going to have a baby, and I just about feel like I can start enjoying that fact.

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  1. 13 Jan


    A wonderful update, here’s hoping all continues on that path!

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