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27 Jan

A STITCH IN TIME: 31 weeks

I have to fight myself not to say twee things to Jane, like “It’ll all be worth it in the end.” I’m sure she’s had her fill of that kind of well-meaning phrase. But as I sit here writing this with Baby bouncing on my lap, I can assure Jane that it is worth it, even if she is having the longest labour in history


The last 3 weeks have been…. eventful. Not necessarily a word that you want to associate with pregnancy. The good news is I’m now 31 weeks pregnant, so unless the Gods really want to play games with me, there is a couple of months left max. It’s not that long!

Two days after my last blog, I started having pains again. The medical staff at the hospital told me that if that happened to go back in, which is what I did. I was monitored, told I probably had an ‘irritable uterus’, which is a uterus that plays up giving you painful contractions but without effecting the cervix and therefore not leading to labour. So essentially I had to grin and bear it.

I’m not a complete wimp when it comes to pain, so I thought fine, if that is what it takes, that is what I’ll do. I started working from home again on the Monday (yippee!) with a few pains, but knew I had little choice. The pains I experienced were fluctuating, but seemed to be getting stronger, although not in a simple upward curve; sometimes they’d hardly be there, and sometimes they felt very strong. As I was in the house on my own, when they came on strong, I was very scared, wondering whether or not this time I was actually going into labour, and hence should I go back into hospital or would I just be wasting people’s time?! Mentally it was a very tough few days.

By the Wednesday of that week the pains were getting stronger and stronger. I spoke to my midwife who advised that my consultant was on the labour ward that evening and I should go back to the hospital to see him. Again, I was monitored, I was having contractions. He checked my stitch (no change which was good), gave me hormone patches to calm the uterus and sent me on my way telling me to text his midwife after a couple of days to tell her how to get on. He said it just might be extremely painful Braxton Hicks, but wanted to keep an eye on things.

For the following two days the pain got worse still. I couldn’t speak through contractions, especially in the evenings, and both nights I was up in agony. By this point though I’d convinced myself this was normal for my pregnancy and I had to deal with it. By Friday I was in so much pain, I called my Mum down from the Midlands as I needed her support. I texted the midwife to tell her that things were still getting worse.

On the Sunday I got a call from my midwife saying she’d spoken to my consultant, who was worried. He wanted me in hospital that afternoon for a scan on my cervix. He was concerned the stitch was tearing my cervix, oh… and be prepared to stay there. I actually felt some relief, someone was going to work out what was going on. So, they scanned me, my cervix was fine, but decided to keep me in hospital for ongoing monitoring.

That was a week and a half ago and I’m still here. The pain stopped the following day, so my consultant thinks that being in hospital must help. He thinks I was doing too much at home and perhaps the worry when I was in pain and on my own was aggravating the situation more. I asked to be let out the first weekend, but he disagreed saying that we’d only just got the situation under control and why would I want to risk it again. He’s not going to let me out until I reach at least 32 weeks which is the next big milestone, although I might be allowed out for the weekend, this week.

However, yesterday, out of nowhere the contractions came back again. I was put on a monitor and the doctor was called. She said there was nothing they could do at this stage to stop the labour if that was what was going to happen, but just to hope it was another false alarm. Having been through worse pain when I was at home, I wasn’t too worried, but hospital staff were more concerned than me. They warned delivery and neo-natal that I could be on my way. Of course, after about 12 hours they gradually subsided again, great news for baby who has made it one more day in her safe haven, but a frustrating turn of events for mummy who was hoping to go home this weekend. I can’t see that happening now.

This wasn’t what I was expecting for this stage in my pregnancy. I thought the second trimester would be the hardest and, once we’d hit safer territory, I could potentially enjoy the last few weeks, so adjusting to that has been tough. Being here isn’t so bad though, days go quicker than at home as there is routine and people about, plus you get more visitors than at home as you’re in hospital. I miss my bed, and most of all my husband, but he comes to see me every night, and I just keep telling myself it’s only short term. I’m ok, just wishing I had a time machine right now. 9 weeks until my due date, and it couldn’t come quickly enough, although knowing my luck with this pregnancy I’ll probably end up going to 42 weeks and being desperate for her to come out! That really would be ironic.

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  1. 02 Feb


    I really wish I could write something inspiration that would make you feel better but there is nothing!

    You are wonderful.
    I look forward to the next updates

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