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25 Nov

A Stitch in Time: 22 weeks

Reading this post today made me really happy. I have a feeling I know what Jane will be thankful for when she dons Gobbler tomorrow night at my Thanksgiving Dinner. As we live so close, my house is the only other place that Jane goes to escape her living room. The other evening, Jane and her husband kindly watched Baby for me while James and I went to see Twilight. Their first sitting stint went very well. Aside from the fact that Baby, who never wakes up after we put her down, woke up a half hour after we left. But they handled it well. And then there was the text I received almost at the end of the movie, asking: “Do the cats normally hang out in the baby’s room?” No…!

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me in giving Jane a big virtual smile and high five.


It was our 20-week scan today (but actually at 22 weeks). It is by far the most exciting day of my life since the bed rest began. It started with me waking at 6am actually feeling like it was Christmas day: 1) I was going to be allowed to leave the house and mix with civilisation, 2) I was going to find out my baby’s sex, and 3) I was going to see how that pesky cervix of mine was holding up.

I know there can be a lot to worry about with this scan, but optimism reigned today, and I thought little about the worries, I think my logic was that things have been pretty tough, so it was time for some good news.

The scan was good. The first thing she measured was my cervix. It was fully closed and 3.5cm!!! This is 1.5cm LONGER than it had been at 13 weeks. I didn’t realise they could lengthen, but apparently so. This was the best news we could have hoped for, and also means my consultant did some sterling work with that stitch. I am not seeing him until two weeks today, so won’t really understand what this means for the rest of my pregnancy until then. I know it changes and can easily decrease in length again, but at least this gives me reassurance for now and hope that we can make it to 24 weeks.

Then she checked and did all the other baby measurements, which were all ‘average’ – possibly the only time in my life when I’ve been overjoyed with ‘average’. Finally, she asked whether we were sure we wanted to know what we were having. I’ve let my husband lead this one; he has been desperate to know, but I have to admit at that point there was no way I could have walked out of the room not knowing. We were overjoyed, of course. Neither my husband nor I were particularly partial either way, although some dreams – whether it be of pretty dresses or Scalextrics – were put on hold at that point…until next time. We’re still not sure if we’re going to tell anyone or keep the sex to ourselves.

The main thing is we’ve made it to 22 weeks and my cervix is 3.5cm!!! I want to shout that one from the rooftops! I still need to keep a check on this optimism, but maybe, just maybe, there is a tiny speck of light at the end of this long old tunnel.

The cherry on the cake was then being wheeled in my wheelchair to the M&S Cafe at the hospital, for a real coffee and some breakfast. It may sound mundane to most, but I was on top of the world: my baby was ok, my cervix was ok, and I felt like a normal person mixing with normal people again. I actually felt like me, and for the moment, I have my smile back.


  1. 26 Nov


    Congratulations! Not long to go now. Really enjoying reading your posts. X

  2. 26 Nov


    What wonderful news to hear, you must feel so relieved and hopefully starting to feel excited and hopeful for the future. Now the fun bit of your pregnancy starts, trying to decide on baby names! Enjoy and good luck Xxx

  3. 27 Nov


    That’s just wonderful, wonderful!

  4. 28 Nov


    This is so lovely to hear, I am so so so happy for you x

  5. 05 Dec


    Congrats!! Love reading your posts. Sending you lots of positive thoughts. Hang in there little one x

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