Stitch in Time
14 Nov

A Stitch in Time: 18 weeks

In times of need, we can be dazzled by how wonderful friends can be. Jane says “thank you” to everyone who is helping her get through these tough times.


This week was the halfway point between my stitch going in and the 24 week D-Day when I find out what happens next (more bed rest or more freedom?). It’s been a very slow month, with many ups and downs, but I am learning a lot about myself and my relationships.

The most unbelievable and overwhelming learning has been the love and support that I have received from my friends and family. In these busy lives we lead, it is difficult to see those we love as much as we would want to, and to nurture friendships in the way that we would like. We often resort to text and email as the primary source of communication, with the odd night out swapping information and updates over glasses of wine, not always the quality time we’d like with those we love. I didn’t expect this enforced bed rest to provide me with many opportunities, but this has been a real positive. I was worried about feeling lonely at the start of this, but my amazing friends and family have not let that happen.

Many of my friends that are not busy 9-5, those with children, or without conventional working hours have taken time out of their busy lives to sit with me and chat, bring me lunch and make me tea. I truly value this time; it’s not just updates on the latest news, but really talking, swapping thoughts and ideas. I’m getting to know their children (who I rarely see with my normal working hours) and re-strengthening old friendships and new bonds. It feels like time did when I was much younger, with more time to value those I love.

Even those with busy work schedules have been amazing, visiting after work or at the weekend, and calling when they can’t visit, giving emotional support and helping me get through this. Those much further away, even on different time zones, are calling and skyping regularly so I have little time to feel lonely.

The love and support of family can be taken a little for granted, and both my husband and I have close families, but I never expected the support we’ve had. It has made me realise how lucky I am.

We have had incredible support from our families, with parents and in-laws coming down for days at a time to help with the chores, and cooking for us, freezing heaps of meals for when they’re not here. My little brother lived with me for the first month, being an invaluable support for my husband and I round the house, and as always knowing intrinsically how to make me smile. Visits from siblings, Aunties and cousins with everyone mucking in, getting their hands dirty, looking after me, playing games, chatting or just watching the TV in companionship.

This is a tough time for my husband and me, but I know with this support network we can get through this and anything else life throws our way. We are incredibly lucky, and I only hope that I can be as invaluable to all these people I love some day when they need me. I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude enough. We feel truly blessed.


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