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04 Oct

A Plea for Grace

 As I walk down my street, almost every house has a front garden full of boxes that used to contain some sort of expensive child’s toy. We just bought a Jumperoo for Baby. While it’s nice to be able to afford toys for Baby, let’s be honest: she’d probably be equally happy with a tupperware container full of beans. 

This morning, my friend Caroline from my NCT class sent me the email below. I thought I’d share it with you, as some of you may have something that you can give to help out a fellow mother. 


My grandmother is in the very late stages of dementia. She is looked after by my mother and a team of carers. One of these is a lovely lady called Grace. Grace cares for a number of terminally ill elderly people and the work she does, as you can imagine, is very low paid and harrowing. Despite the tough nature of the work, she does an amazing job and loves it.

Grace and her husband are about to have a baby. A pregnancy that they are thrilled about, but was not planned as they can’t afford to have another child.  My mother is trying to help her by gathering unwanted  baby stuff from friends and family. So far she has found:

A push chair
A Moses basket ( used to belong to Lottie but she hated it from day one and it was just gathering dust)
A baby carrier
A baby gym
A mountain of second hand clothes
A breast pump
A steriliser

I  wanted to ask if you have anything that you don’t want and know that you won’t ever get around to selling.

I hope you don’t mind me sending this email.  I am sure you all have friends and family to pass your second hand stuff on to. It just struck me as silly not to at least ask you guys the question. Especially if you are like me and most of your friends want to buy their stuff new and the chance of me finding time for eBaying is slim.


If you have anything that you’d like to donate, please send your box marked “For Grace” to my studio at Julia Boggio Studios, Unit 5 The Apprentice Shop, Merton Abbey Mills, Merantun Way, Wimbledon, SW19 2RD. Thank you and please do pass this on!


  1. 04 Oct


    When will the baby be born and do they know if boy or girl?

  2. 04 Oct

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Good point! It’s a girl and she will be delivered by C-section at the end of this month.

    Also, just heard that her work is saying they don’t have to pay her maternity allowance!

  3. 04 Oct


    oh julia..we are overflowing with girl clothes…will try and put a box together for her. x

  4. 04 Oct


    Hi Julia I have several things that need homes. I have a moses basket but they already have that. I have car seat protectors. I have a rocker too the fisher price rainforest space saver one. please let me know if any of the items are wanted.

    I’ll check to see if I have nappies I have had 3 children so seems to have 54648 maybe more left over LOL

  5. 04 Oct

    Julia from ICAWatermelon


    DEFINITELY! That all sounds wonderful. I am finding that anything that keeps Baby entertained for 5 minutes is a godsend. Thank you!


  6. 05 Oct

    Caroline B

    Thanks Everyone, Grace will be thrilled! C x

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