22 Jul

A Nursery for Film Buffs and Vintage Lovers

I spent hours daydreaming about the nursery. Remember how obsessed you got about your wedding? And when you were supposed to be working, you spent hours looking at photographer’s websites and contemplating whether you should seat Aunt Martha next to your sex-starved ex-housemate or the gay vicar? That’s how I felt about the nursery.

Just like you want your wedding to be perfect, I wanted the nursery to be the perfect room for our Baby – a reflection of our personalities, as well as being fun and vibrant. I looked at image after image of nurseries on Flickr, which sparked a series of cool ideas; for instance, I thought of getting the covers of my favourite books from my childhood, like Eloise and Where the Wild Things Are, framed for the walls. Noting the trend for wall stickers, I even considered a large Darth Vader sticker one just for fun, but thought this would probably scare the crap out of her. And trust me, she craps enough as it is.

In the end, the answer was simple. Two things we love are films and vintage. Our wedding was film-themed (as everyone knows) and I get gooey-eyed over all things vintage, so I thought it would be cool to mix elements of both in our design.

So here’s what we did, along with the suppliers who made it all possible. Enjoy!


The centrepiece of the design is the selection of canvases above Baby’s crib. The three squares are quotes from three of our (my) favourite movies: Dirty Dancing, Star Wars and The Sound of Music. The second image is one of James and me peering into the vintage pram from the pregnancy shoot at our studio (parts 1, 2 and 3). To help with designing the small canvases, I turned to the Lovely Lisa from More Than Words Art. We decided to go for vintage-style font and red and yellow in order to compliment the image on the left.

It was strangely important for me to have a nod to Dirty Dancing somewhere in the nursery. The choice we made to do that dance at our wedding has had such a profound effect on our lives that I wanted Baby to have a link to it, too. Ironically, it’s the canvas closest to the corner.

We chose simple white furniture to compliment the warm pink and red colour scheme. The crib converts into a bed for toddlers and then young children up to 5, which makes it a great investment over time. When it came to clothing storage, we originally thought about getting a wardrobe, but how many pieces of clothes would she really need to hang up? Storage for folded clothes would be more practical, so we got this chest of drawers. However, I wanted to jazz it up a bit by adding in our red accent colour, so found the round glass knobs. They cost more than the unit!

Originally, I had a stunning Olli Ella nursing chair to go in here. It was fabulous and red. It was also 3cm too big to get up the stairs, so now it’s in the TV room. I still spend a lot of time sitting in it there, so that’s not such a bad thing. As a distant second, I got this Ikea chair. The best thing about it is that there is a mini me version, too, now occupied by a fluffy teddy bear from Harrods given to me at my baby shower.

I wanted to get a few more vintage pieces into the nursery and was so excited when I wandered into Nicholas & Steele, a small shop off a side street in Raynes Park. This place is an absolute treasure trove for pre-loved furniture and objects. I saw these kitsch deer bookends and the old Beatrix Potter books and just had to have them. I also purchase the original 1950’s baby dress. Okay, the straw hat is from Mothercare, but it works.

And finally, the piece that I know every photographer clocked first: the camera rug. I saw this rug on one of the Flickr images and had to have it. Indeed, she’s one of the most photographed babies in the world at the moment, so it’s quite fitting for her nursery. I mean, come on. Who’s your Mommy???


Vintage Boudoir pregnancy canvas – Julia Boggio Studios
Canvas design –
More Than Words Art
Canvas printing – Anne Herbert
Crib – Babylist
Mobile – Tiny Love
Blanket – Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue (it was mine! It’s depressing that things from my childhood can now be considered “vintage”).
Chest of drawers – Ikea
Knobs & hooks – Bombay Duck
Camera rug – Little Fashion Gallery
Nursing chair & matching toddler chair – Ikea
Large red pillow – Heals
Laptop table – Ikea
Vintage deer bookends & Beatrix Potter books – Nicholas & Steele
1950’s dress – Nicholas & Steele
Straw hat – Mothercare
Changing mat – Bambizi
Changing mat box – Made by James!
Red storage boxes & bin –  Ikea
Cow-print nursing pillow – Flopeze
Red Black-out roman blind – Made by me! Fabric from John Lewis


  1. 22 Jul


    How lovely. You’ve done a really good job making this room beautiful for you and your daughter. So many sweet details to enjoy.

  2. 22 Jul


    Love, love, LOVE!

  3. 25 Jul


    It’s beautiful and LOVE James’ changing mat box – I can see ANOTHER biz for him!

  4. 25 Jul


    LOVE the Sound of Music quote!

  5. 26 Jul

    Lisa Long @ More Than Words

    Oh the artwork looks fabulous Julia. Love it! xx

  6. 26 Jul

    Annabel - Love My Dress Wedding Blog

    Hahaha “and trust me, she craps enough as it is”…. hahahaha! ;) ))

    I just love the ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner” ;) )


  7. 27 Jul


    Hey Julia, love the new design… your choice of pink ain’t bad at all, the room looks rather nice!

    And the Ikea Poäng is a pretty good chair too… it bounces, so it is good for a bit of rocking (or get the rocking chair version).

    Good to see things are going well. :-)

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