29 Nov

A Cat’s Tale: Further adventures of No Fur

A few months ago, I wrote the first instalment in A Cat’s Tale, exploring how I imagine our cat views Baby. Now that Baby is crawling, their relationship has changed to one of hunter and hunted. Baby LOVES the cat and thinks he’s the best toy in the whole world. Yet, I’ve been constantly amazed by how gentle and tolerant he is of Baby. So here goes…


Somebody needs a lesson in personal space.

I mean, I know I’m a handsome fellow, but No Fur has to learn boundaries. Whenever I walk into the room, I can feel it looking at me, drooling. It lets out these high-pitched meows that I’m afraid dogs will hear. Sometimes I’ll be sleeping on my mat and, suddenly, I’m woken by my beautiful orange fur being pulled out in clumps. No Fur was much easier to tolerate when all it did was sleep and sit on Mummy Cat’s lap. Now, it moves like a snake.

Everyone else in our den seems to understand how to worship me: they use their paws to scratch under my chin or stroke my lovely hair, starting at my head and ending at my tail. No Fur goes straight for my tail. Even worse, sometimes Mummy Cat brings No Fur over to where I’m sitting and encourages it to “pet” me, if by petting you mean grabbing paw-fulls of my fur and yanking. It makes me feel sulky and grumpy.

And yet.

No Fur does have its uses. It is allowed to sit at the table with Mummy Cat and Slave Cat. I’m not even allowed to sit up there; Mummy Cat hisses at me when I try. But No Fur and I have what you’d call “an understanding”. It often drops tasty morsels on the ground, which I eat before Mummy Cat can pick them up. In return, I don’t scratch or bite when it “pets” me.

In the dark hours a few moons ago, some Stranger Cats were in our den watching No Fur while Mummy Cat and Slave Cat were out (hunting, I suppose). I kept a close eye on No Fur.  I can’t have anything happen to my gravy train.

I’m also glad to report that I think No Fur is, in fact, growing some fur. Frankly, I felt embarrassed for it, not having any hair. I’m glad to see that it has a bit coming through. I’m slightly less pleased that it seems to be the same colour as mine. No one likes a Copy Cat.

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  1. 03 Dec


    What a funny read, loving slave cat :D

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